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  1. Good service by Skoda! Now customers doesn't need to get disappointed after coming to dealership they can get disappointed even sitting at home too!! Such high costs of maintenance are the trade mark of Skoda on which Skoda doesn't seem to be working at all. Rather of creating an online system they should concentrate on creating goo service structure all around the country.
  2. Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and safe journey in your new ride. Do add some pics and ownership experience of it!
  3. Are they trying to make this product an "Enfield"??
  4. If this is what Mitsubishi is readying for India than best of luck for other competitors and thumbs up for Mitsubishi!
  5. Again an annoying upgrade. Nothing new then a few chrome stripes here & there with some tweaks in styling and that's all the engineers could think of. The Innova has litreally got old and needs a total remake rather than such silly upgrades. Although this so called "NEW INNOVA" will also sell a lot but it's the high time now! Toyota do it!!!
  6. Not that excited about the car but more excited about that 1.6 multijet hitting Indian streets. It will be a hit again like the smaller cousin 1.3 Let's keep finger's crossed!!
  7. Hahahaha Sarabjeet good one! He will definitely price it well. But the looks of the SUV are really tough. Esp. those big wheel arches and monster truck like tyres. Muscle man typical American styling. Will see the face of buyers when it comes to Indian market. "Hey lord, may Ford price this one too well like Figo and Ecosport !! Amen"
  8. I think Q7 was never a hardcore SUV and nor this would be one. The Q7 was always made for most urban use with high on techies and can do mild off roading too. Looks like Audi will stick to the base plan now too!!
  9. Tejen

    Brake issues

    I apologies for the mistake i committed above. This post was meant for somewhere else but due to some technical faults went up here. It's got nothing related to this post. So please avoid it.
  10. Mine pick would be grey! Definitely between these two.
  11. OK, now the new car seems to be more imposing on road than the outgoing model. Talking of the exteriors the car carries away a bit of same stance as of the old car, the new matrix LED headlamps are giving the car a bit sporty and sturdy look and making it distinctive on road. At rear the broad new tail lamps are looking great too (although not clearly visible in picture) but resemble kind of the Audi's sedan composure mixed with the old Q7's styling. The best part is the wide rear bumper ( although the old car too had that) but now it's more prominently visible and gives the SUV a bold look. Talking of the use of carbon fibre ( would increase costs though) will make the performance unbeatable because of reduction of that heavy weight. Chassis will be more tougher now making it a better place for driver. Hope Audi places it right on the price list.
  12. Tejen

    Brake issues

    Yes there you go. Another reasons to buy the Toyota.
  13. Tejen

    Brake issues

    AmeyaSG, failure of a disc breake is a scary situation that you are facing. The basics include that - ** Get it checked at the authorized service point of company by an experienced mechanic. ** Cable stretch can be a major problem, it leads to spongy feel in the disc brakes and reduces braking power. ** Cables and housing can be rusted that ultimately leads to jamming of braking system. ** Dirty, rusty, wrecked and damaged rotor can also be a main cause to this. ** Check all the bolts from rotors to the cable housing. Loosening of bolts can also be a cause of this. If this primary inspection leads to fault then get it done & still if you don't find anything suspicious then please immediately go to the dealership.
  14. See thecompro, Etios in itself is a 'Jack of all trades'. If you can get then please refer to the May 2013 issue of the Autocar magazine and go for the cover story that compared Toyota Etios with competitors (although the other vehicles didn't included the one' you mentioned above) but the overall winner was Etios deisel. That issue focused on every strenght and weakness of Etios. But, for now, trying to clear your thought's:- 1.) See, safety is a no concern for Toyota. Altough the car was made keeping VFM tag but that never allowed Toyota's engineer's to compromise on safety. The car uses a light but strong packaging. I too live in Delhi and know that driving is worse than any other city but this car have cleared all crash test and believe me it' safer than the cars say Verito & Sail. So, cut safety point of concern from the card. 2.) Spending around 8.5 lakhs on Toyota's sedan is worth it. First of all clear yourself what you are looking for. If looks is the priority than Sail is made for you but look towards this car only if you need a strict VFM car that doesn't go wrong over the time. The car is oveall perfect and not a winner in every area. 3.) Toyota too didn't want to deprive it's customers from these gadgets but the fact that Etios faces is VFM tag. The car was toyota's first production car in India that was meant for mass distribution. "Quality" tagline was kept aside to create this vehicle, thus some missing features coincide with low cost of vehicle. 4.) Judging a car on paper with only 68 ps on tap does not lead to the real judgment. On paper, tough others may win easily but it's the road which ultimately they are going to face off. Toyota always make real driveable engines and this one is no different. The car simply feels great to drive and the engine feels superb on city & on highways both. THe light kerb weight of car is the main reason behind this. The car is a real peppy machine. There is no turbo lag and picks up cleanly from 1000 - 12000 rpm and goes all upto 4000 rpm easily. After that power delivery is limited but that's where you are going to drive in the crazy city traffic and on the highways. 0 to 100 kmph comes in 15.88 secs that is great for a car. But. it's the driveability of engine that makes it so sound. The car cleanly picks up from as low as 20 kmph in 3 rd gear. For traffic like Delhi the car is great. Also, it never feels underpowered with passengers nor on the plains and nor on mountains, so you can easily move around the hills on weekend trips with your family and luggage. No worries at all. 5.) See if you are keen on buying a car immediately than go ahead as market is on a low of it's there are plenty of discounts plus bonuses that you will find, but if you are ready to wait then wait for navratra's and you will see a lot more bonuses & special packages coming in. At last you have yourself written the strenghts of the car so i think now you are clear what you want to buy. Toyota's owns a great respect for vehicle quality and this car too have same traits in it's veins. The car needs very less maintenance and is great to own experience especially for a Dilliwaasi!! So, go ahead!!
  15. Toyota testing this car here means that it could possibly come here. The R&D center's are always instructed to test the cars in the worst conditions to prepare the vehicle for best. India (ofcourse is already a great place) for checking the off-roading skills of the vehicle, thus finger's crossed over the launch. but still hope that Toyota's engineer's setting up their minds for the Indian market after the huge success of Fortuner. Talking of the vehicle, the SUV looks tough though, seems like a Pajero sport kind of 'coz of it's high stance to width ratio aspects. But, a few more pictures of the vehicle would be welcome in order to get a pure image of this Indian test 'mule'.
  16. There is nothing to worry about as i told you in reply to my inbox. The car is fantastic and is not ruined by the comapy's sales and mangement policies as done with SKoda. If you have booked it and liked it then don't judge your decision now. The car won't prove negative in any sense of ownership. Go for it.
  17. Good to see someone starting a club for so many die hard fans and owners of BM's!!! Hope many will join you soon! Tell us what car you drive?
  18. Looks a normal Audi, nothing to excite about!! Simple used and tested power mills under the hood, although good and powerful for Indian traffic conditions. Now, the things depends upon how the Audi prices it. THe main competition that it's going to face would be the very first car of their own brand i.e. A4 2.0 TDi that's priced very very well for luxury car market. Also A3 have same design language as for A4 plus the A4 have plus point for more rear seat space. The other that would definitely hamper the Audi is the upcoming Merc CLA. That's got incredible design language to attract crowd anywhere. The car looks stunning for it's price plus the space is also nearly same. Altough the cost is not clear yet but would be priced nearly same with a max. +1 Lakh. Let's see what happens but it's sure Audi is going to rock the market again.
  19. Leshy, surely one of them is taking for you ride 'coz it's something non- understandable how a car can have two waiting periods in the very same city???
  20. @ neerajd, thanx for liking & most welcome for the review. And yes go for the bullet whenever you change the bike. you will experience an unforgettable experience!!!
  21. Agree with Sarabjeet, a rear AC unit is something that a company would definitely be willing to add to their cars (esp. at this price point) there has to be something another reason behind this!! Also, it's not the cost cutting b'coz they have another better ways to do so and if they were to reduce the costs of the product they would have changed many other aspects too!! Rear AC worked well without any fault, thus faulty system is also marked out from the card.
  22. Leshy, don't just think about the Laura TSI. It's a fab car deteriorated by company's own image. You can read my ownership experience of owing a Laura for about an year on the form topic "Ecosport or Laura for self driven!!" Polo TSI is just a fab car and there is nothing to worry about the service, maintenance and ownership experience issues. All these would be less than the cost of petrol you pay for your car... Simply buy it!
  23. Yes, agree with Sstar. Some pics (if you have them) or any other source would be a huge welcome.
  24. The above is a link from a good article wrote on the main causes of heating of an engine. So, read it carefully. It provides every info you require on your car. I have attached this, so , apologies for copy & paste.
  25. See Varun the following can be the main problems :- Thermostat Stuck Shut The thermostat, which is usually located in a housing where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine, controls the operating temperature of the engine. It does this by blocking the flow of coolant from the engine to the radiator until the engine reaches a certain temperature (usually 190 to 195 degrees F.). When this temperature is reached, the thermostat opens and allows coolant to circulate from the engine to the radiator. If the thermostat fails to open, which can happen due to mechanical failure or if a steam pocket forms under the thermostat due to incomplete filling of the cooling system or coolant loss, no coolant will circulate between the engine and radiator, and the engine will quickly overheat. You can check for this condition by carefully touching the upper radiator hose when the engine is first started and is warming up. If the upper radiator hose does not become hot to the touch within several minutes after starting the engine, it means the thermostat is probably defective and needs to be replaced. CAUTION: The replacement thermostat should always have the same temperature rating as the original. Do not substitute a colder or hotter thermostat on any vehicle that has computerized engine controls as engine operating temperature affects the operation of the fuel, ignition and emissions control systems. Defective Fan Clutch On rear wheel drive vehicles with belt-driven cooling fan, a "fan clutch" is often used to improve fuel economy. The clutch is a viscous-coupling filled with silicone oil. The clutch allows the fan to slip at high speed, which reduces the parasitic horsepower drag on the engine. If the clutch slips too much, however, the fan may not turn fast enough to keep the engine cool. The silicone fluid inside the clutch breaks down over time and can leak out due to wear, too. If you see oily streaks radiating outward on the clutch (and/or the fan can be spun by hand with little or no resistance when the engine is off), it means the clutch is bad and needs to be replaced. Any play or wobble in the fan due to wear in the clutch also signals the need for a new clutch. Inoperative Fan Motor On most front-wheel drive cars, the fan that cools the radiator is driven by an electric motor. A temperature switch or coolant sensor on the engine cycles the fan on and off as additional cooling is needed. If the temperature switch or coolant sensor (or the relay that routes power to the fan motor is bad), the fan won't come on when it is needed and the engine will overheat. Likewise, if the fan motor itself is bad, the fan won't work. The system needs to be diagnosed to determine where the problem is so the correct component can be replaced. External Coolant Leaks Leaks in radiator or heater hoses, the water pump, radiator, heater core or engine freeze plugs can allow coolant to escape. No engine can tolerate the loss of coolant for very long, so it usually overheats as soon as a leak develops. A visual inspection of the cooling system and engine will usually reveal where the coolant is going. Leaks in hoses can only be fixed by replacing the hose. Leaks in the water pump also require replacing the pump. But leaks in a radiator, heater hose or freeze plug may sometimes respond to a sealer added to the cooling system. Weak Or Leaky Radiator Cap If no leaks are apparent, the radiator cap should be pressure tested to make sure it is holding the specified pressure. If the spring inside the cap is weak (or the cap is the wrong one for the application), the engine will lose coolant out the overflow tube every time it gets hot. Internal Coolant Leak If there are no visible coolant leaks, but the engine is using coolant, there may be a crack in the cylinder head or block, or a leaky head gasket that is allowing coolant to escape into the combustion chamber or crankcase. See related question #16 for more information. Exhaust Restriction In some instances a severe exhaust restriction can produce enough backpressure to cause an engine to overheat. The most likely cause of the blockage would be a plugged catalytic converter or a crushed or damaged pipe. Checking intake vacuum and/or exhaust backpressure can diagnose this kind of problem. Bad Water Pump In a high mileage engine, the impeller that pumps the coolant through the engine inside the water pump may be so badly corroded that the blades are loose or eaten away. If such is the case, the pump must be replaced. Most pump failures, however, occur at the pump shaft bearing and seal. After tens of thousands of miles of operation, the bearing and seal wear out. Coolant starts to leak out past the shaft seal, which may cause the engine to overheat due to the loss of coolant. A sealer additive will not stop this kind of leak. Replacing the water pump is the only cure. CAUTION: A leaky water pump should be replaced without delay, not only to reduce the risk of engine overheating but to prevent catastrophic pump failure. If the shaft breaks on a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the fan may go forward and chew into the radiator ruining the radiator. So, get these checked by authorized dealership or by any experienced mechanic.