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  1. Hi, Our elder son bought an Orange Nuvo Sport, N-8 variant with AMT, on 14/12/2016. He could not agree to any other vehicle after getting used to our Xylo-E-8 for over 7 years. He started comparing every other car with Xylo and decided to buy the younger brother of Xylo. He certainly would have bought a Xylo, if AMT is made available in Xylo.
  2. @sachins Do you really believe that Innova is a true 7 seater ? In the current model, even kids find it difficult to sit for long in the third row. Do you have any info on the size of the new Innova ? If the new model is almost similar in size, then, there is no way in which you can take 7 persons in that. Adults - anyway ruled out - ab initio. You need to look beyond Innova, if you are serious about 7 adults in a car.
  3. @tejasmehta990 Is Maruti selling high-end cars at different prices in ordinary showrooms and in Nexa showrooms ? If they are selling the same product, at different rates, in the same city, it becomes a problem. No one would buy in the Nexa showrooms. Same product - why would any sane fellow will pay more ? If they are selling at the same price, then, why would a dealer invest so much money in the up-scale showroom, in having better informed staff and in giving extreme personalised service to only a handful of customers ? Are the margins given to the Nexa dealers different ? If not, why would anyone open a Nexa showroom in the same city which almost certainly would have had more than one or two Maruti showrooms ? What about the service charges and the service set ups at these Nexa showrooms ? Do they have different service standards and procedures at these high end showrooms ? What if a customer bought a high car from a Nexa showroom and approaches a regular showroom for either regular service or a breakdown service, will he be treated differently ? Only because, he bought his car from a Nexa showroom ? What if on the same day, two customers get similar high end cars to the regular showroom for service - one bought from Nexa and another from the same regular showroom - will they be charged differently ? If these financial issues are not clear, both for the customer and the dealer, they are dealing in doubt and ambiguity. And, no business will succeed when you have scope for such doubts and ambiguities. I do not own any Maruti product now. I own a Mahindra Xylo (E8, seven seater - Feb 2009 - the very first batch). Mahindras have exclusive service centre for XUV500 in Hyderabad (Uppal area). But, when I took my Xylo there, for a regular paid service, they have accepted it and charged normal rates. And, the service was very prompt, courteous and better. I am very happy for that service. Partly because it was prompt and better but mostly due to they charging the same rates as a normal Mahindra service centre would. Is the same situation prevalent in Nexa service centres ?
  4. I agree that the KUV100 is not as per the standard design expectations. But, I do not agree that it is ugly. We have seen much horrible designs in India which were very successful. Just see how Wagon-R looks. Or, for that matter, who can forget the scrowling face of Santro ? They were very very odd to look at, but the so-called quirky designs grew on us and we made them top sellers in no time. When introduced, Toyota's Qualis was very very boxy and odd. But, even after Innova was introduced and became a success, Qualis still held the rate in the second hand market for a very long time. So, I think KUV100 will be a success, not withstanding it's so called quirky side profile, because, people buy cars for various valid reasons, 'looks' coming down the pecking order. Just look at the price and the features it offers. A sure shot for success. I believe it will sell more than TUV300 due to it's VFM.
  5. Right from the beginning, I am against Nexa. Simple reason being that a car buyer today is more informed about the product, the features and the drawbacks of each and every competing car. The buyer is more informed in the case of high value model buys. All special TV programs, special magazines, net savvy data sites etc., are helping the prospective buyers to be more informed about the products on offer. More often than not, the sellers - the salesmen, the counter staff, the front desk - is NOT competent to answer all the questions asked by such informed buyers. In such a scenario, I wonder whether NEXA's staff are well equipped ? If not, what is the difference between any other showroom and a NEXA showroom ? Maintaining two channels is not going to be easy for any organisation. More so, if it is product-centric. Why segmentalise the customers ? Who would like to buy a higher-end product from a regular showroom if Maruti itself is indicating that it is not a premium product ? Poor strategy. It is hightime that NEXA branding must be abolished. Now a days, even the entry level cars are turning out to be premium. Anyway, just because you have a NEXA showroom, will a BMW or a MB customer will come to it and buy a Maruti ? Silly logic, ab initio.
  6. I feel that Verito is doing a good job for M&M. Every time, I take a flight, I ride on two Veritos (Logans). I travel a lot (last 8 months - about 16 flights). And, most of the taxis I get are Logans or Vertios. So, they must be doing a great job. Moreover, with the increased competition among Ola, Uber, TfS, Dot cabs, Meru and a dozen others, I find a lot of new Veritos being inducted in the call taxi segment - which is growing by leaps and bounds. I am told that if you buy a new car and offer services to these guys, they will give you 30,000 INR per month if you clock a minimum of 7 pickups daily for one week. These sort of offers from these guys is resulting in more and more new cars coming in. Most of them being Veritos. With Pininfarina in their bag, M&M can use their services for refurbishing the already-damn-good-and-reliable Verito and Vibe into something more fluidic and more pleasing. I wish that whatever they do externally, the engine, the gearbox and the space - the best features of Logan/Verito - are not tampered with. Moreover, the M&M service is very reliable. That's a big plus point for bulk buyers. Other major player in the segment, Tata Motors, got miles to go before they can ever be compared with the service quality of M&M. I can vouch for this because of my very dependable Xylo, shall be entering it's 8th year next month.
  7. Share this with all other automobile forums so that such bogus companies do not thrive. Let us do our bit in ensuring that such companies are pulled up. Share with all your friends and with other automobile sites. Ramesh Babu N TIrupati AP
  8. NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT FROM TYREONWHEELS.COM All automobile owners beware. Never buy any product from www.tyreonwheels.com site promising supply of tyres and other accessories via mobile tyre fitting centres in major cities like New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. At reasonable prices and delivered and fitted at your place. Bloody lies. Total cheats. Ordered 4 Yokohama Tyres for my Xylo/E8. Paid Rs 25,088/- on 16.07.2015 via credit card payment. Since then, the trouble started. They have not given the confirmed order number. Their so-called toll-free number never is of any help whatsoever. Whoever picks up the phone will say that the boss is not in his seat. And, will get back at the earliest. And, ask for your name and phone number. That's the maximum they do. Luckily got their two landline numbers (with great difficulty). Both the numbers 011-165068891 and 011-165068800 are equally bad in their help. Their on-line contact us captures whatever you have to say, but there shall be no response whatsoever from them. After making at least 30 to 40 calls to them, since 17.07.2015, I am yet to get any confirmation of my order, any confirmed date of despatch or any confirmed date of delivery of the promised tyres in my place. After picking up a quarrel, they finally said last week that they have despatched a lorry-load of tyres to their Bangalore office by Professional Couriers. And, their Bangalore office staff or Courier Company guys will will reach me, either by eMail or by phone. Neither happened till now. Whenever I talk to any of those numbers, I always get a reply `maal appko tuesday tak mil jayega....'. Which tuesday ... no one knows !!!! So, my dear fellow owners of cars/two-wheelers/four-wheelers, avoid this bogus company. Such companies are a black mark on the emerging eCommerce space in India. Buyers be aware and avoid. Ramesh Babu N Tirupati AP
  9. I have also seen 3-wheeler scooters being used by Police personnel in many cities. I also saw a number of 4-wheeler-scooters (two in the front and two in the rear). But, these are rare. The other advantage of such narrow sized 3-wheels-scooters is that they are easy to drive comfortably in start-stop city traffic. And, unlike in India, in Europe, they give preference to pedestrians, cyclists, 2/3 wheelers and then cars and big vehicles when it comes to priority in road usage. So, it makes a lot of sense to have a powerful 3-wheels-scooter than a car. It is also less polluting, so they get better tax breaks and pay less road tax.
  10. In my 35-day Europe trip, I found a number of scooters with 3 wheels, two in the front and one in the rear. Most of them are Piaggio (Metropolis range) and Yamaha (Tricity range). The advantages of using such 3-wheels scooters are : a. They are stable. No question of losing your balance. b. Affordable, unlike heavy motor cycles. c. They are easy to park, unlike cars/SUVs. d. Powerful enough to compete with 4-wheelers in speed. e. Have tilting steering wheel, so that while turning the vehicle both front wheels turn simultaneously and the driver feel as if he is turning only one wheel (like a two-wheeled scooter). IT IS HIGH TIME, THAT WE TOO HAVE SUCH SCOOTERS IN INDIA. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE MARKETING GUYS OF THE SCOOTER COMPANIES ARE DOING ?
  11. Comparing AUDI Q7 with Innova ? Of all the other parameters, why only interior space ? Totally different target customer groups, different product categories, different customer service levels .. the list goes on and on and on ....
  12. I read some time back that the Wagon R is donated to AAP by some loyal NRI. It is not owned by Kejriwal. And, the same NRI had demanded that his blue Wagon R be returned to him. Because, he is totally unhappy with the way AAP is functioning. Kindly correct me if I am wrong...
  13. Oh my God... It's a stern warning to all those guys who love their cars more than they love their wives (or girlfriends). Do a reality check right now.
  14. @REDDY Even in Hyderabad there are quite a lot of official/semi-official/smuggled/persons importers who would supply car spares. If you do not have time or interest or inclination to locate them, just use quikr or olx. They will respond to all your needs. @LIBRANKUR Nice gesture on your part to come out with your offer to help. Glad to see that.
  15. "The Tonight Show"'s host, Jay Leno, is a very popular TV personality. He is equally well known for his collection of rare cars and motorcycles. He is said to have 84 CARS & 73 MOTORCYCLES !!!! WOW and Phew !!!! The list includes, amongst others, Lamborghini Countach Ariel Atom Stanley Steamer Blastolene Special (a Tank !) EcoJet Buick Roadmaster ... He spends a lot of money on proper maintenance of these beauties. http://learni.st/users/carlos.rodela/boards/82230-jay-leno-s-car-collection