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    rameshbabu.n got a reaction from AMG1 in Mahindra Nuvosport - M&M's SUV Obsession continues   
    Our elder son bought an Orange Nuvo Sport, N-8 variant with AMT, on 14/12/2016.  
    He could not agree to any other vehicle after getting used to our Xylo-E-8 for over 7 years.
    He started comparing every other car with Xylo and decided to buy the younger brother of Xylo.
    He certainly would have bought a Xylo, if AMT is made available in Xylo. 

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    rameshbabu.n got a reaction from cotoIdiodia in Volvos on fire ... How come no one is discussing this ? ...   
    In the last two weeks, we have seen two Volvo buses catching fire (one in AP, near Mahboobnagar and the other in Karnataka, near Tumkur) resulting in loss of numerous lives. Both cases involve scrapping of the fuel tanks by road dividers or culvert walls. In both cases, the plastic fuel tanks exploded giving hardly any time for the passengers to realise the danger and exit safely. In the first instance, almost all the passengers were burnt alive. In both cases, the buses were being driven at more than 120 to 140 kmph on average quality roads. Both accidents took place between 2 to 3 a.m.
    How come, no one in the forum is discussing this ?
    When two Nanos were on fire (remember, there are no loss of human life in those cases), every member here and on all the other automobile forums contributed liberally and gave a dressing down to the Tata Motors. Even from those who never had driven a Nano. Or, even by those who never sat in a Nano. In fact, the vociferous complaints also came from even those who never touched a Nano, leave alone sitting or driving one.
    But now, when almost all of us, at some time or the other, had travelled in these Volvos (either the conventional Volvo or the multi-axle Volvo) many times, I am surprised to see that no one even talking about it.
    Even the national press (except the local editions of vernacular press ) seems to have given this sort of cold-shoulder to these two gruesome accidents. The media, now seems to be eager to worry about Rahul-Modi or about Sachin. And, nothing else. Ooh.
    I have decided to avoid travelling by these super-luxury death palanquins till some sort of safety
    measures are placed in position.
    Why not the Volvo scale down the HP ratings of these buses ?
    Why not the RTA guys insist on speed limitors for these buses ?
    Please contribute your ideas. Let the members become aware of the danger lurking in these
    uncontrolled speedsters.
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    rameshbabu.n got a reaction from Amish993 in Car fella from small town   
    Welcome Amish,
    It is nice to have you joining us today, the day of Amaze from Honda.
    Why not you make a beginning by starting a thread on Amaze ?
    Like it's killer pricing (disclosed today), good features, excellent mileage
    etc., etc.,
    The more you contribute, the more you gain.
    All the best.
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    rameshbabu.n got a reaction from BonFre in Tata Vista D90 launched starting at Rs.5.99 Ex Delhi   
    Nice launch from Tata Motors.
    They did everything they could in bringing this wonderfully
    configured hatch. At an excellent price point.
    What else do they need to do, now ?
    Bring in an automatic Vista D90.
    That would be just impossible to resist.
    By the way, why the roof is colored black ?
    Even in January (when the summer is yet to
    start), we are already feeling the heat, thanks
    to the ban on sun film, Add to this, a roof top
    colored in black ? I just can not digest it.
    Except the black topped roof, everything else
    seems OK and perfect.
    All the best Tata Motors. You need some good
    numbers now that you got your act together.
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    rameshbabu.n got a reaction from Cressyhoarope in Exclusive First Drive: Honda Amaze sedan   
    23 NOV 2012 is the date of launch in Thailand.
    Another 4 days to go before we can get the `real' pictures and the `true' specifications.
    It looks as if the entire market is waiting eagerly for this `first diesel car by Honda'. The
    situation is similar to the one we saw (and lived thru the experience) when Nano was
    I wish them all success with Amaze.
    If not for anything else, I am looking forward to some car company to come up with
    something which can dent Suzuki's unabashed looting. Even after cutting the ugly boot
    to get the excise benefit, the Suzuki guys did not pass on the benefit to the Indian car
    buyers. That's totally not acceptable to me. Such unfriendly marketing/pricing issues
    have made Suzuki a big loser in all the other world markets; India is the only place
    where they are making profits. Why ? Becuase of such looting. I wish this stops at
    the earliest with the arrival of Amaze.
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    rameshbabu.n got a reaction from Cressyhoarope in Airless tyres from Michelin ... The future tyre technology ...   
    I am amazed to see this news. Wanna share it with you all.
    The future tyre technology was recently showcased by Michilen, in collaboration with
    Resilient Technology. These tyres are airless and are scheduled to be out on the
    market very soon.

    No more air valves...
    No more air compressors at gas stations...
    No more repair kits...
    No more punctures and flat tyres...
    These see-thru Tyres are really Radical in their design and functionality.
    They had a pair at the Philadelphia car show on a Audi.
    To see the actual pictures taken at the South Carolina plant of Michelin, just go to
    What do you think ?