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  1. Sure rki2007, from all inputs i'm seeing that there is no much advantage in xcd even in terms of mileage. Am slowly turning towards Shine . Anyways thanks for sharing info. ~ TG
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    Thanks all for the wishes. Yah, i've started my bike search. Planning to take a call soon. Keep Rocking!!! TG
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    Hi all, I am Veeru from Bangalore and working as a networking engineer. I found this site while googling for new bike details, as i planned to buy one. And thats how i'm IN here . Nice to be with u all in this forum. 100Cheers!!!! ~V
  4. Thanks all for the comments. Will strive to pick one or post my further queries, if any, after doing some work on the details got. And sure, will be happy to introduce myself but couldn't find that 'introductions' head. Where exactly to look for it.
  5. Hi, Thanks a lot for all your replies. Happy to see the quick responses. Few things i forgot to mention earlier: 1. So far i didn't see many XCD135 on the road (infact not even one i could find :-( ). Is it a succesful model ? 2. How much mileage XCD135 gives? 3. Abt shine, one of my friends told me that its giving less mileage. But if shine gives ~55, XCD gives me more than that? If HH passion also gives only ~50, looks like xcd135 also gives around the same mileage (+/-5)? 4. I'm not much into bikes, so can u pls explain what u mean by 'small' and what problems the small bikes cause? My bro had a test ride and he said its light weight. If its light weight/small will it be an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to roadgrip and driving comfort? 5. Also abt service and spares bajaj can cause any problems? I am not inclined towards bajaj, but if it gives good mileage as HH, looking at bajajs other features would like to go for it. Thanks again!! ~TG
  6. Hi, Recently i have decided to go for a bike and am lot confused in picking the right one. I currently have bajaj xcd135 in my mind and had thoughts about Honda shine, gladiator, herohonda passion pro and also splendor+, passion+. My 1st preference is MILEAGE and after that pickup/power. Can anyone pls help me in picking up a good mileage bike. Also any comments/experiences with xcd 135 pls share. Thanks!!!! ~ TG