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  1. Hi pra2veen, I just happened to see the reviews updated here. I have planned to buy a new car now. And my shortlisted ones are Ford fiesta (Diesel), New Ford Ikon (Diesel) & Maruti Swift (Diesel). Not sure which one should i go for... Few facts: I'm completely new to driving. No plans to go for next car before 7 years My budget was initially only 5-6 lakhs and i can get Swift with this, but if fiesta is really better than Swift i must muster to rope in additional moey to go for fiesta. By now your Swift must be quite old...How is the performance of Swift now? What is kms ran? I'm being told that diesel cars require more maintenance if it is not used frequently, is this true, as my usage is less (weekly not more than 50-75 kms/week)...but want to go for diesel due to the requirement of more mileage... Pls advice. Thanks.