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  1. Dear All, How is the new scorpio.It seems they have made the MHawk engine standard across all the variants. I am looking for a new car but Scorpio LX model (MHwak) is coming around 8.78 lacs on road which is very much higher to my budget.Does it makes sense to buy the car as my most usage is going to be on the city and ocassional highway driving say once in 2-3 mths. My family size is four but when any of my relatives comes then it becomes tough to commute on my existing cars.Please let me know your views. Thanks in advance -R Palio MJD,Santro LP
  2. Verna felt more powerful and fun to drive compared to city.If you like speed go for Verna, its engine is exceptional, you can reach 120kmph in 3rd gear itself. City is more feature specific car .I didn't felt it is a performance car, it is like more a city car with lots of features . Again it is on the individuals mindset. Thanks -R
  3. Yes, I have checked tyre pressures weekly once, can it be an issue if I keep the tyre pressure little higher than the normal specified ?Like in case of Palio recommended is 30 psi but in my car I keep 31-32 psi. There is no noise of break pads touching the wheels, there is no fall of speed also, checked wheel alignment,balancing as usual during service.....I can drive very easily.Recently I drove from Bangalore to Kolkata (2k plus kms in 2 days) it isvery smooth on highways. Let me know your views Thanks -R
  4. Hi All, I am having Fiat Palio MJD SDX, 11k kms it has travelled and I live in Bangalore, go for ocassional long drives. I have a query related to the car's break pads.This is the 2nd time it seems my break pads are going to be changed. I am wondering is it the defect of my driving?I have a Santro drove for around 55k and only once the pad were changed but in case MJD it happened twice.Can it be problem with the car itself or with the stock tyres the brakes gets worned out fast ?I agree I drive very fast like 170kmph but issue is only with my breaks. When I go to service station, the views that I get is these pads are worth for 22K kms but in my case twice I had to replace within 15k life span on MJD. Anybody in the group faced similar issue? Thanks in advance -R
  5. I have enquired about GP MJD this is going to be same as that of Palio MJD engine ie 75bhp 4000rpm and would be more expensive than normal Palio MJD.Secondly I20 crdi is going to be 90 bhp 4000rpm and more expensive than Getz CRDI 110 bhp 4000rpm. What it looks like matching on the performance wrt to Getz specs is going to be difficult, ofcourse on the features the above cars are going to surely overtake. Verna CRDI is little above my budget but again it is 30kgs heavier than Getz.Let me know your suggestions. Thanks -R
  6. Dear All, I am looking forward for performance car and my budget is less than 8 lacs.I have test drove Getz Crdi, Ford fiesta sports, new Honda City (more than 8 lacs) I have a new Palio MJD and a Santro.I am planning to exchange santro.Can you suggest me which would be the best option.I somehow liked Getz diesel by its performance and price.So is it worth buying Getz diesel after that.My daily usage is going to be 50km. Is it worth waiting for Grande punto or i20 diesel? Thanks in advance Raju