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  1. you can see the + and - sign next to D only, right ? i know that S is for spirited driving which changes the gear a bit late. the question is how will you use both + and - in paddle shifts simultaneously with + and - within the D mode ?
  2. go to these links: 1) 2) 3)
  3. no the thing is that, if you go by the images, there is a + sign and - sign under the subsection of D mode. so you can change the gear in +,- in D mode as well as paddle shifts . but the thing is that which one will it consider i meant if you slot the gear in D, then push upwards then + one gear right ? then press paddle shfts ? what will happen if you press - one gear in paddle shift ? would paddle shifts work both in D and S mode ? i know about the dual clutch thing thanks for enlightening me on that fact of this DSG subject FuelRunGod
  4. i just wanted to ask how does this 7-Speed DSG-Direct Shift Gearbox works in the New Skoda Superb, which has been just launched in india, works? i mean i have a Honda City Automatic in india which has a 5 speed automatic with paddle shifts, which can change the gear manually when put into D(Drive) or S(Sequential Shift) modes, but the Superb has D+,- and S with paddle shifts also. i don't understand..........i mean if u put the gear in + in D mode and press - in paddle shifts, what gear would it change ??? for reference u can go visit this link: and click 'Transmission' option
  5. ya but for some people who are made fans of Civic, its design, space, power, refinment and looks of course would not hesitate even if corolla or laura could give the most bang for the buck for which you are asking for. but because of budget constraints and GC i bought City. from the images that i got from, they might give steering mounted controls and some bells and whistles atleast thats what i wish for
  6. no karan, actually i calculated that after adding all i mean all if i say ALL accesories into the city from leather to rear sensors and et al. it comes to 13.41 lacs! 13.41=on road price of civic v m/t in navi mumbai !!!!!!!!!!! i.e. before price rise of 50k on civics and 30k on citys
  7. i cannot because i am a newbie....oh sorry.......rookie.......oh sorry(again).......learner's license
  8. hey guys i just visited hallmark honda, nerul, navi mumbai. i got to see city s a/t with fog lamps, chrome all over, rear lip spoiler and front chrome grill. also there was city e m/t with no frills no thrills base model. saw all this when giving myc ar for 1st 800kms service. anybody wanting pics may email me at
  9. striclty below 8 then Fiat linea Emotion would do it for you perfect interiors, decent and adequate engine for a sedate driver, and loaded with all bells and whistles. if you can extended by another half lac then Emotion with option pack. or even if you stretch by a lac then City E M/T (base)
  10. Haha ! U also from CBE? Nice to hear that? How come only 2 months a year? Congrats on your buy too. How much mileage you getting. i meant thta my relatives like my uncles and grandfather live there only. i am 10.932546 kmpl for first tankfull. digital reading shows 12.5-12.6. ok for me though as its an A/T
  11. i also have polished metal color S A/T and got a deal of 9.67 in navi mumbai. just bought floor mats for 450rs. anybody adding alloys or leather ?
  12. so you are here too....karanraheja=team-bhp----BHpian i also stay in kovai a.k.a. coimbatore for 2 months every year. actually i have a problem that i am not able to post in that forum. thats ok as you are here and i also have ANHC S A/T and driven it for 700kms in mumbai.