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  1. Touring Chennai in the month of May!! My friend, May, June, July is the hottest month in Chennai. I do not think it is the right time to plan a tour. Have pity on your family, they will really suffer!! No offense! Anyways coming to your question. Opt for a big car, may be an Innova. Ensure the car has good air condition system. Trust me it is real imp. Contact a good car hire dealer, with arrangement for drivers communicating in English, I guess Hindi too may be it will take care of you being an "Alien" to Tamil Language. Hope it helps!!
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks a ton!!!!! for such a nice response!! Its really helpful!!!! One small question, how can I keep my bike safe from thieves?? Can I install theft alarm???????????
  3. Hi everyone, To all those wonderful people out there, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this is Piyush, from Chennai. I am real excited to join Autocar, by nature I am someone who always seems to be curious. I have got a sparkling black "hunk", that's why I have asked for some safety tips in my thread, and the replies were so wonderful. Friends, beware I will be asking lots of questions!!!
  4. Hi Friends, I recently got a Hero Honda Hunk. Not accustomed to Chennai's traffic I was searching for some tips for driving bikes safely. Came across many sites such as which was OK. But I need some more tips. Can anyone here suggest me some more safety tips. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!