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  1. Try 3M or LUMAR , they are also very good and reputed film. In my case i have 2 films one 3M and 1 Garware pasted one after other. The reason is i cant stand the heat radiation in my town.But beware there is a reduction in visibility.I got used to it, it is left to your opinion.
  2. if you still have some idea to change the seat covers try Gsport art leather seat covers.
  3. You can have look at JBL speakers and JVC head units, i suggest you hear the speakers once and then decide.
  4. SX4 is the ultimate drivers car, if you like driving then go on for SX4 , old or new doesnt matter. SX4 beats DZIRE head down.
  5. Nice hatch,Is it making to INDIA in near future ?
  6. Be cool and listen to good music, you cannot change anything. let it go and head towards your work , its the only way, after all we are citizens.
  7. Stanley homepage link
  8. For SX4 comes from 30K-40K depending on the type and style of leather you choose.Please visit the stanley boutique web site to have an idea. There may be a tieup between your local accesories shop and stanley , Please check it out in the reputed accesories shop.
  9. Browse the yellowpages classifieds and locate the 3M distributor, he can help you.
  10. Hi, I have the following configuration in my Ford Fiesta. Head Unit - KENWOOD DDX8039 DVD TOUCH SCREEN PLAYER Front - PHOENIX GOLD 6.5" COMPONENT Rear - POLK MOMO FOUR WAY COMPONENT AMP - BLAUPUNKT FOUR CHANNEL VR504 MONOBLOCK - ALPINE MRD1005 1000 WATTS DIGITAL SUBWOOFERS - LIGHTNING AUDIO 12" 300WATTS RMS x 2 CAPACITOR - BOLT 1 FARAHD RCA CABLES - MONSTER CABLE 201 XLN AND CHORD CABLE FOR SUB. SPEAKER WIRES - KICKER BLUETOOTH - KENWOOD BT100 IPOD INTERFACE - KENWOOD IP500 NIGHT VISION REVERSE CAMERA SOUND DAMPENING BY WURTH. The present setup sounds good but i would like to go on for FOCAL front components , please shoot your suggestions on how to improve this setup further.
  11. Go to a good seat fabricator or liner , they might be able to remove the excess foam, the seat wont become hard if you only remove the excess foam.Be careful not to spoil the shape of the seat or overdue anything , you will land up in lumbar pain.
  12. Hi, I am looking for KENWOOD IP300V - IPOD INTERFACE. It is not available anywhere in tamilnadu(with bill and warranty). Please advice me if anyone knows where i can get it.
  13. Hi bro these are my opinion since i have leather seats in my fiesta. leather seats ok ? They are very much ok if you have the habit of always keeping your Air conditioner on while you travel.It is necessary to take extra care in maintaining the seats. what best colours in terms of fastness and heating ? Any colour is good , there is no hard and fast rules in selecting the colours. You can select any colour which goes with your car interiors. which brand to go for ? STANLEY is very good.I have been using it for the past 2 years and i dont have any complaints till now. Their fit and finish is very excellent. I dont know whether it is available at your place. I dont have any idea about the second best.Please consult with your local car accessories shop , some good shops have tie up with stanley. how much to budget for ? Once going in for leather seats you should make up your mind on the higher side. It cost me around 35K for the ford fiesta and 28K for my friends swift. It depends on the colour , style and quality of the leather you choose from the catalouge.My opinion for scorpio it may come from 30 - 40K where can i find the seller ( ahmedabad ?) Please consult with your local car accessories shop , some good shops have tie up with stanley. what must i be particular in leather seats ? The colour and the style. The main thing is perforate the centre piece of your seats. It is easier for the air to displace if the sitting area of the seats are perforated. If you tell the sales person that you need the seats to be perforated he will understand. There is a lot of myth regarding leather seats. In my opinion if you afford to spend go in for leathers and enjoy the luxury.
  14. Can You please give the break up of head unit and speakers. At this budget you can go in for a pioneer headunit and JBL speakers. I suggest you to go to your nearest audio installation shop, check out the look and options in the headunit and then decide. The speakers at this budget will not have much difference in performance you can either go in for JBL, MTX, COUSTIC etc. But beware of fake pioneer speakers, they are flooded in the market today and you can have SONY Speakers as last option.