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  1. I have booked i20 which ranks in quality, comfort, safety and spacious factors. thanks for all your suggestions. Hope my selection is good!! except for the FE, 11 which is decent for my petrol car selection.
  2. SX4 VXi seems to have 25,000 Rs discount. that too without music system, airbag, abs, climate control, tubeless tyres etc.,
  3. Even through diesel is good for my monthly mileage of 1000 Km/l, I am concerned wth diesel engines with worrying maintenance overheads and the noise levels. even wiht new technology like CRDi engines, turbo engines, as this is my first car, i want to be safe with with petrol only. May be I am overstating it.
  4. Thanks friends for the suggestions. SX4 seems to be leading the choice so far. (the year of SX4 is 2007 and 31K miles on it. For 5.5L). Dzire : Fair Look, Poor rear comfort, 12-13 km/l mileage SX4: Great look, Good rear comfort, 8-9 km/l Ofcourse new vs old is warranty and tension free drive. but true value evaluated this second hand Sx4 to be in good condition. looks good too. I liked the idea of Vxi new model, but no airbag and ABS, climate control, height adjustable for driver seat, no steering audio controls, no music system, I beleive, as per thier website. http://www.marutisx4.com/home.html# I enquired popular maruti for new sx4 vxi, there are no discount, they say, sounds odd. isn't it? Considering the comfort and quality but without warranty, should I go for ZXI 2007 model at 5.5L? or better go for new Dzire Zdi with all those features except rear comfort / fair look with warranty??
  5. I am confused between used SX4 and new Dzire zxi petrol? I will be running around 50 km a day. My budget is 6L. I am getting a used SX4 with 31K miles on it for 5.5L. condition is certified good by Truevalue maruti. It looks great to me except that one of the indicator light was not working, which the dealer said he has fixed it by now. Is it worthwhile to go for SX4 considering its low mileage between 10-11 or Dzire which gives 12-13?? I know Dzire diesel will be good choice but i dont know why I hate diesel cars either nosie, maintenance worries concerning me. Suggest a good first car for me!