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  1. Thanks everybody for your invaluable suggestios! Finally i feel Indica Vista is the one for me, again i need your help to decide whether diesel or petrol. Which is better in terms of long term maintenance and FE. I have also received good reviews about Chevy Spark and U-VA. Are these models from Chevy reliable cheers Rajesh
  2. Thanks for the advise. Yeah, your right safety should be the top priority. How would you rate Indica vista on fuel economy, comfort and resale value. Is it a good value for money. Can i go for that instead of a Swift which leaves slightly a bigger hole in my pocket! cheers, Rajesh
  3. Thanks Rki ! thats a very good suggestion. Only thing that i want to make sure is that you really mean i 10 is less fuel efficient than Swift! Ofcourse, space for the luggage is also very important point to consider for long haul. And in Swift both diesel and petrol models available which on would you recommend. What about models in TATA.....any suggestions. cheers Rajesh
  4. I am planning to buy a new car and this will be my first. My budget is around 4 laks. I do not plan to use the car for commuting to work everyday! I need it purely for the weekend outings with my small family. My priorities are low maintenance cost and fule economy. I am considering Santro i10 and Wagon R. I might be wrong, so kindly suggest me a good car which fulfill my desires. Thank you cheers Rajesh