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  1. Dear Friends, I was expecting something good from Nano, however after considering the points below, I dont think people will go for it, 1. Battery is under driver's seat. This is just impossible 2. Puny Tyres 3. Braking system and one major thing -- The base model without A/C costs one lac. Definitely this is like ** Conditions apply, which is to fool the customer.
  2. Dear Friends, Thanks a lot for your response. I have taken your valuable suggestions into consideration and would be waiting for the launch of Jazz. However I did take a proper test drive, like applying the brakes when I reached 100 kms /hr on speedometer, suddenly taking aturn on high speeds and found Fabia more solid and reliable. Also the features offered were far better than any good sedan and most of them are quite useful. however I have found that everyone is crying foul regarding Fabia's after sales and spares/maintainence costs. Also i have found major sales of Fabia in Pune, dont know the exact reason, however people are prefering fabia petrol 1.2 these days. maybe i am wrong. Net, I will wait for Jazz launch. Once againg Thanks a Lot! Do let me know if you get along any news regarding Jazz/Fabia petrol.
  3. Hello Friends, Few days ago I decided to buy a premium hatchback. My priority list includes, 1. Good ride quality 2. Good reliablility 3. Excellent Safety features 4. Good interiors 5. good legroom for rear passangers I did test drive couple of them, Hyundai i20 Asta, Fabia 1.2 Elegance, hyundai getz 1.3 glx. I dropped idea of Getz as it will be phased out. I am more inclined to Fabia 1.2 Elegance petrol (Top end model with Electric Sunroof). I also heard regarding Honda Jazz being launched. However I am pretty confused which one to buy. I mean wait for the jazz or go with Skoda 1.2 petrol Elegance.I have ruled out i20 asta also since its much crowded and plasticky with poor visibility due to dash, rear small window screen and thick pillars and very hard suspensions. Do let me know if Fabia would be the correct choice or is there any other car that i should wait for. There is a mix response regarding Fabia, however nowadays people are more satisfied with Fabia and there are many useful features which are in Fabis 1.2 Elegance which are not even in civic or city. My usage -- 30-40 kms daily in pune city, weekends at @100 kms on highways. Regards, Amit