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  1. the Pulsar 220 is the most value for money bike. its the fastest made in India bike, has the brightest headlights, tubeless tyres. the fazer looks good but that all. Its basically a FZ with the twin headlamps. which by the way never work together. why put a twin headlamp set up in the first place then ? better buy a FZ and same 7k rupees instead of the Fazer. had i the money, i would go for the "fastest indian bike"
  2. the new karizma looks hideous. what's with the Apache like fairing and Gladiator like rear tail lights? hayabusa like fairing from the side
  3. The Pulsar 220 is the Fastest Indian bike and great value for money. it has the brightest headlamps as a bonus. about the folks who say that pulsars are good enough for only a year, i would like to point out that the pulsars have been in India more than any other 150 cc bike. all the new bikes are recent kids. the pulsars have ruled the 150 cc and above ike segment for a decade now. the others don't even come close. visit the ownership thread of forums of some other forums which have some real pulsar users to know about the truth. GO FOR THE PULSAR 220. THE FASTEST INDIAN.
  4. I would also prefer the 2009 P220. Not the 'Fi' version but the '2009 dtsi' version because of simple reasons. It is the fastest Indian street legal production bike It makes 21 PS of power It is reasonably priced at 70K ex showroom, which is almost 30K cheaper than the R15!! the P220 also has more stuff than the Karizma like Tubeless tyres, the best and most powerful headlamps in the country, split seat and clip on handlebars. the P220 has also become quite reliable after 2 years in the market.
  5. looks nice to me. the Karizma looks too plasticy. at 21 PS the P220 has much more power than the 17 PS karizma. plus the P220 also has much more stuff like wider rear tyre which are tubeless too. bright projector headlamps. the best part will be that the new 220 will cost the same as the karizma now. the karizma just has stickers, the honda name and plastic.
  6. who says the image of Tvs and Bajaj is not good?
  7. FZ is meant only for specific type of customers, the ones that only love to show off. the FZ is all show and not that great go. overrated. apart from looks how different is the FZ from other bikes? the mileage is poor too.
  8. the FZ is not at all value for money. even the Pulsar 180 and Apache RTR 160 are cheaper and are more powerful than the 150 cc FZ. also many owners are reporting quite low mileage for the FZ, about 35 kmpl. the performance of the FZ is also cannot match the RTR 160 and Pulsar 180 there are strong rumors of an updated Pulsar 180, 200 and Apache 180
  9. Any opinions on the bike guys?
  10. yes, a 5th gear is a good inclusion on the xcd 135.
  11. check out this pic . source - xcd 135 blog' target="_blank">
  12. found these pics here Looks cool!
  13. I don't think it can give such a low mileage. Whatever I have heard so far about the mileage is that it is one of the most fuel efficient among 125/135 cc bikes. Even the Pulsar 150 gives mileage greater than 50 kmpl.
  14. Hi guys, I am thinking about buying the Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-Si. CAn anybody tell me how is the bike?