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  1. Yes,there would be a negligible difference in f.e.
  2. The FZ-16' date=' FZ-S and the Fazer all qualify as 150cc+ bikes. The R series is already available in India, the R-15 and the real Mccoy the R-1 itself.[/quote'] hey..i guess you didn't get me.I meant 180,200 cc bike..n 'R' series other than R15 n R1(out of reach for most indians)..like R6..I own fz but feel that yamaha should introduce a bigger engine in it..people are buying yamaha coz it has great sporting history..we all know that R15 n Fz sold good numbers n still selling even being expensive n thirsty.. My word is that yamaha should stick to it n upgrade their reputation by targeting sport biking rather then being commuter oriented ..which they failed previously
  3. @rangc The difference is about 60-65 k.. except for the "blue n me"..even i20 have all those features that you listed.. also you get better space,quality,very good Af.S.S,puncy,powerful n torquey engine which produces minimal sound inside the cabin.. also don't forget that hyundai will have a better resale value..
  4. I agree with RSSH.. Instead Honda should have introduced 150cc mill in stunner. Also, I feel Yamaha Gladiator is best commuter in 125cc segment. Gone are the days when people used to commute with 100cc,its now upto 125/135 or sum prefer even 150cc for daily run. Post edited Note from mod: Use proper English while posting. BornFree2009-11-30 18:54:03
  5. i20 with 1.4 CRDI is better bet, its more smoother,more crispy & efficient.. I have driven both the vehicles & surprisingly found that driving i20 doesn't feels as boring as punto, you can feel the power & the turbo kick in i20.Also CRDi is one of the best tech for the diesel motors. Post edited Note from mod: Use Capital letters where required, SMS lingo & posting "----", is not allowed. BornFree2009-11-30 18:50:15
  6. when will yamaha get 150cc + bikes.. to india? do they have any plans for 250 cc fazer or any 'R' series bike?
  7. yes the rear tyre tends to skid ..happens with me too for better control always use both the brakes simultaneously ..
  8. ritz,jazz,i10,i20,fabia,punto,indica.. came to this conclusion after test driving above cars..! waiting for 1.2 Tsi flASh2009-08-06 10:07:39
  9. spark is better in terms of space,refinement,quality n features..alto is very basic car..i was having alto for four years..it begs for more power!though it has the cheapest maintainance..i would suggest u spark
  10. i bought an A-star today.. ..its very cute..!! loved the pep in it..flASh2009-08-03 18:24:46
  11. hi firebonez,..i'll suggest u Hondacity ZX..u'll easily get 2006 Gxi variant..its an excellent car with very good fuel efficiency,low maintainance,good performance,n very spacious yet compact...do have a look at it..
  12. i20 is 8 lacs OTR because it comes with both equipments and very good diesel engine which has the performance level of skoda octavia..refinement is acceptable..its very silent inside the cabin unlike linea n fiesta..has excellent sevice back up,availaibility n pricing of spares..go in for sedan only if u need to use those big boots most of the time..orelse nothing comes near i20.. make a wise buy..
  13. apache is good if u want the performance only..i would have suggested u RTR 180 if u were comparing it with p-180..FZ give mileage of around 42-45 kmpl..go for yamaha..you won't regret
  14. i say choose between fabia n i20....punto lacks premium feeling with dull n bland interiors,also when i test drove the punto(mjd)..i was wondering that is this the same engine that swift has??where is the turbo kick!! ..fabia has best build,quality n has much better ride and handling than i20 n punto..if u want a vfm..i suppose the order is punto,i20,fabia..if u want outright performance n cutting edge features..then its i20 all the way..my pick would be i20..its an all rounder!!