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  1. Tyre upgrade for Ritz

    Yes,there would be a negligible difference in f.e.
  2. new lineup from YAMAHA

    The FZ-16' date=' FZ-S and the Fazer all qualify as 150cc+ bikes. The R series is already available in India, the R-15 and the real Mccoy the R-1 itself.[/quote'] hey..i guess you didn't get me.I meant 180,200 cc bike..n 'R' series other than R15 n R1(out of reach for most indians)..like R6..I own fz but feel that yamaha should introduce a bigger engine in it..people are buying yamaha coz it has great sporting history..we all know that R15 n Fz sold good numbers n still selling even being expensive n thirsty.. My word is that yamaha should stick to it n upgrade their reputation by targeting sport biking rather then being commuter oriented ..which they failed previously
  3. @rangc The difference is about 60-65 k.. except for the "blue n me"..even i20 have all those features that you listed.. also you get better space,quality,very good Af.S.S,puncy,powerful n torquey engine which produces minimal sound inside the cabin.. also don't forget that hyundai will have a better resale value..
  4. Sporty Commuter soon.... HONDA

    I agree with RSSH.. Instead Honda should have introduced 150cc mill in stunner. Also, I feel Yamaha Gladiator is best commuter in 125cc segment. Gone are the days when people used to commute with 100cc,its now upto 125/135 or sum prefer even 150cc for daily run. Post edited Note from mod: Use proper English while posting. BornFree2009-11-30 18:54:03
  5. i20 with 1.4 CRDI is better bet, its more smoother,more crispy & efficient.. I have driven both the vehicles & surprisingly found that driving i20 doesn't feels as boring as punto, you can feel the power & the turbo kick in i20.Also CRDi is one of the best tech for the diesel motors. Post edited Note from mod: Use Capital letters where required, SMS lingo & posting "----", is not allowed. BornFree2009-11-30 18:50:15
  6. new lineup from YAMAHA

    when will yamaha get 150cc + bikes.. to india? do they have any plans for 250 cc fazer or any 'R' series bike?
  7. 10000 kms report of yamaha fz-16

    yes the rear tyre tends to skid ..happens with me too for better control always use both the brakes simultaneously ..
  8. Best car with 1.2 L petrol Engine

    ritz,jazz,i10,i20,fabia,punto,indica.. came to this conclusion after test driving above cars..! waiting for 1.2 Tsi flASh2009-08-06 10:07:39
  9. Alto LXi or Spark LS

    spark is better in terms of space,refinement,quality n features..alto is very basic car..i was having alto for four years..it begs for more power!though it has the cheapest maintainance..i would suggest u spark
  10. A-star Owner review

    zxi,(arctic white)
  11. A-star Owner review

    i bought an A-star today.. ..its very cute..!! loved the pep in it..flASh2009-08-03 18:24:46
  12. hi firebonez,..i'll suggest u Hondacity ZX..u'll easily get 2006 Gxi variant..its an excellent car with very good fuel efficiency,low maintainance,good performance,n very spacious yet compact...do have a look at it..
  13. I20 or something else?

    i20 is 8 lacs OTR because it comes with both equipments and very good diesel engine which has the performance level of skoda octavia..refinement is acceptable..its very silent inside the cabin unlike linea n fiesta..has excellent sevice back up,availaibility n pricing of spares..go in for sedan only if u need to use those big boots most of the time..orelse nothing comes near i20.. make a wise buy..
  14. Need Advice: Fazer / Apache / Unicorn

    apache is good if u want the performance only..i would have suggested u RTR 180 if u were comparing it with p-180..FZ give mileage of around 42-45 kmpl..go for yamaha..you won't regret
  15. Fabia Vs Grande Punto Vs i20 diesel

    i say choose between fabia n i20....punto lacks premium feeling with dull n bland interiors,also when i test drove the punto(mjd)..i was wondering that is this the same engine that swift has??where is the turbo kick!! ..fabia has best build,quality n has much better ride and handling than i20 n punto..if u want a vfm..i suppose the order is punto,i20,fabia..if u want outright performance n cutting edge features..then its i20 all the way..my pick would be i20..its an all rounder!!