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  1. i had taken my new zen upto the max limit of 160, but again i had headers intalled to it and my right hand lights had been removed..!!! i even tried to take my skoda laura to the max but it wudn go more dan 195..!!!
  2. bro i doubt you can install a woofer without an amplifier..!! A suggestion go for JBL woofers, they are the best ive come across..!!!
  3. dude i wud suggest you to go for a pioneer head wud cost around Rs.6000-7000 and it has usb as well as jack facility.... for speakers go for jbl undoubtedly...(not sure abt the exact price) if you are looking for quality sound along with bass i would suggest you to go for a JBL woofer wud cost around 2.5k and an amp..!! A piece of advice for good deals and stuff go down to car decor, its in lalbagh road opposite the garuda maruti showroom, the guy their should be of good help to you..!!!
  4. well nt really dat much but the dealers are able to repair the system if any problem occurs. Btw if you are looking for good dealer in Kolkata go down to Ultimate it's near subway the one next to south club, he will be able to help u with the system. i get my accessories done from him only.
  5. hey dtandon, i herd dat nandi hills are opening again for racing in blr... is it so?? if so is it a legal one???
  6. hey I would suggest you to go for a pioneer system. I've used both companies system. The problem with sony is that it's lens is very sensitive and slight scratches also causes track skipping. Sony's lens also wears off faster in comparison to pioneer. Plus maintaining a pioneer system is easier compared to a sony system.
  7. hey i too own an accent viva, I've installed a 1000w sub JBL and it gives a very good output and my amps is a 2.1 pioneer which goes very well with it. For speakers you should go for a pioneer 260w oval speakers. Do get your subs put in a box. 1 piece of advice do get a cut done on your car tray if you put the subs otherwise the output of the subs will decrease by almost half.
  8. Hi vas007, I would suggest you to go for stanley seat covers, I think it is the best(from my past experience) and as for a good place in blr try out Car Decor(Lal Bagh Road oppo- Maruti showroom) i'd got my car accessories done from there and they did a good job and their charges were also nominal.