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  1. Thanks all.

    So in a sense, Swift and Vista are close in the race. And since swift is soo common, I might just go for Vista :D

    Now this is totally different question, but I thought of getting Indigo CS, a midsize sedan, for the price of a hatchback (albeit not a fully loaded one).

    But would it be a bad decision going for Indigo CS diesel over Vista Diesel just for sedan's sake?

  2. Hi all,

    I currently own a India V2 Xeta GLX Petrol, and already own a India V2 DLX Diesel, and I find the diesel model waay too fuel and cost efficient.

    So I am deciding to sell my Petrol Xeta and get a diesel car in stead.

    Can anyone recommend me the best diesel cars in the small (hatchback) category without being too costly?

    Personally, I find Indica's very spacious, making the purchase even of a small car worthy. But the same cannot be said about other brands (I.e: Maruti, Hyundai, etc).

    But obviously you people know a lot more about cars than me, so I am looking forward to your replies.

    Also, How is Indigo CS? Does anyone here owns and willing to share his/her experience?

    Thanks in advance! :)