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  1. hi friends.. indeed a gr8 place to party.. i wud join in with mine > 210kph in my skoda octavia rider at greater noida expressway.. no worries of pedestrians... just went full throttle & trust me i could feel ADRENALINE > 155kph in Tata indigo LS (yeah not even Tdi- the first indigo at agra gwallior highway) > 145kph in my Ford Ikon 1.8D Sorry never tried over 70kph inside city walls..
  2. I am still waiting guys.. plss reply as if i delay then may be he would create trouble in exchanging if ny required...
  3. actually after reading a number of threads in this forum i had an impression that 4" or 5" components are available only in blaup. & my dealer is an authorised one for blaup so i didnt even thought of any other but when i realised that he has actually placed a 6" component then it clicked to me that i can opt for others as well but i gotta do it ina day or two else he wouldnt do it... also coment upon the price that i paid him is it on higher end or shud i bargain more...
  4. hey.. i suddenly realised that the dealer has placed Blaupunkt component in front which is actuallu a 6" spkr without having to cut nything .. althrough i had in my mind that ford can have a max of 5" only in front in stock panel. i have a luxury of exchanging it with ny other within a day or two.. shud i go to change it for JBL 608c series.. will sound improve further or nothing required now. my blaup are only 120w.. plss hurry up in replying its urgent for me..
  5. Thanxx to everyone in this forum 4 ur support & advice.. finally i have got my system & its really nice.. This is what i have got: HU - Pioneer 5050 - 6.8k Blaupunkt front components GTc 172 - 2.8k Sony Xplode amp: xm 554ZR - 5k Boss wiring kit 650/- Net total 14.8k.. & system really rocks... hope that the price i paid is not too much..
  6. afiter thinking for hours i have come to a decision... *7-9k for HU (PIONEER) *5-7 for front components (JBL) *5-7 for amp (not decided) *1-1.5k for wiring & installation *for rear & sub i vil keep my existing 2 way coaxials and blaupunkt bass tube(GTO series) IT WOULD BE REALLY HELPFUL NOW IF YOU WOULD SUGGEST MODEL NUMBERS WITH PRICES (PLZZZZZZZ LET ME KNOW BOTH GRAY & W/B ) IN THIS REGARD FALLING INTO MY BUDGET AND ALSO LET ME KNOW IF NYTHING WRONG IN MY WAY OF DISTRIBUTION.. I WOULD BE VERY GREATFUL... THANK YOU A LOT FOR ALL UR SUPPORT TILL NOW & FOR FURTHER ASSISSTANCE..
  7. my bass tube is passive ( blaupunkt GTA series) so i suppose i vil need an amp for it.. i vil do as u suggested by connecting rear spkrs directly to HU & rest via amp.. hope it vil do fine..
  8. also guide me a bit upon installation like which speakers (rear or front) to b powered by HU & which by amp or all by amp.. and also about bass tube connection.. i want to have proper knowledge in advance bfore going to dealer for installation.. ur suggestion is highly expected.. thanxx..
  9. thanxx 5u3zRr0 for ur advice.. one last thing... will tha amp suggested by you b enough to juice up high volumes from the suggested set of speakers and i have a Blaupunkt bass tube with me (dont know the exact model no.) can i some how utilise it in my ford instead of sub.. i was earlier using it in my saffari nd it was gr8..
  10. i dont know how to frame a question in a bettter way.. i tried my best.. any ways if you could suggest something it would be great otherwise i will try to find some other place.. i messaged you coz you seemed to have some knowledge regarding the subject.. looking forward for your co- operation.. and yes i am planning to buy an identical system for other car as well... thanxx
  11. actually i went through a number of threads. but sumhow i cudnt come to a consolidated decision.. second in my current sysem till now i was having original ford fitted cassette player but now i want one with usb support.. my front speakers have given up and even rear ones are rattling.. thats why i want to change the entire unit... third im also planning to buy a new ford 1.4 tdci this april so i vil fit the same systm in that also...fourth i can expand my budget to some extent depending on need of my 2 vehicles nd thats why i needed ur advice coz i think my local dealer is just tryin to make profit.. i want to get the system fitted from delhi nd not my home town so i need help regarding price nd model number..... looking fwd to a better reply from you.. thanxxxx
  12. somebody plsss help me out on this topic.. i m confused
  13. rki 2007 you can trust swiftvxi06 on average coz even my 2000 model 1.8 D ford is giving me an average of 13.5 in city and 15-16 on highway with ac fully on..only question in my mind earlier was regarding maintenance coz ford can really empty ur pockets in no time if any technical fault arises..
  14. thanx for all ur options.. i have Ford ikon 1.8 diesel 2000 model nd till now i was oversatisfied with it completing 175000km..even i am planning to go with ford coz its time tested.. vista was a good option but it has got a taxi tag on it... nd thanx swiftvxi06 for making a good point that its a sedan compared to swift or vista in the same price range..
  15. i am planning to buy a new car in a month. I have short listed to Swift Vdi , TataIndigo Cs Dicor ,Indica Vista & Ford Ikon 1.4Tdci.. My budget is upto 6 lac on road..I usually cover 3000-4000kms /month. Kindly suggest considering cost , maintenance & efficincy.