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  1. I could stretch the budget a little if needed and I plan to keep the bike for at least 6-7 years. I have ridden the Yamaha FZ but I found its riding position a lean forward. My arms start aching after a distance. I am not a very sporty rider. I like hero and honda bikes due to their almost upright riding posture. I really liked the design of Bajaj Pulsar 200NS. If that design is offered in a 125-150cc package with good milege, then it is a must consider.
  2. Guys, after years of using my mom's an activa my parents agreed to buy me a bike. I want a bike in 125-150cc category. My budget is around 75k. My priorities are good milege(>50kmpl), good comfort for rider and pilion, youthful looks. I will keep this bike is for a long term. My friends suggested that only 2 companies make bikes for my requirements: hero and honda. After initial research the bikes I found are: hero hunk, honda unicorn, honda cb trigger. I couldn't find any reviews of trigger. I included it here since it is the update of unicorn. Is there another bike that I should be considering. Since this is the only bike I am going to get, I can wait for about 6 months if some new model is going to be released. My height is 5.5 feet.