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  1. Spy shots: Hyundai Elantra facelift

    Well! Hyundai's have always been feature loaded.. Too much bang for the buck.. I hope with the next iteration they introduce XENONS in the segment (at the lower end of segment) and force the competitors to follow, keeping us customers very very happy
  2. Ecosport or Laura for self driven!!

    @tejen: Thanks you are right, little we look at the post purchase experience. i agree skoda is horrendous when it comes to after sales. It was just that, we could have got an AT car which is always desirable in our family. Ecopsort is good i know, but a segment lower. Its more like heart wants a bigger car, i think the ownership( comfort and fun) should make up for the bad ASS. Although I would like my car to be easy to maintain. Anyway, if i get an exceptional deal that can offset the bad ASS, i might go for it BUT as an owner, if you had this money again to spend in this segment, MIND it not crossing 15 lacs OTR (After discounts), what would you pick. Thanks
  3. Ecosport or Laura for self driven!!

    Hi RSSH I agree with you. Only the AT lauras are worth it as they have 140bhp engines.Also, recent ambient ATs got better stereo, maxidot, 16 inch alloys, multifuntion steering etc. but I am not sure if these will be available on our car. As far as I know, these are 2013 MY upgrades and the SA clearly told us that the model was 2012 model. We havent checked out the car personally yet but I am assuming this must be a reason for the huge discount. Anyway, I was checking and found that vagtune has an amazing vrs steering on sale with paddles. Would definitely buy that. If the Ambition comes with 15 inch wheels, then they would also need n upgrade as 16 inch is bare minimum. Anyway, I shall keep you posted on any developments Thanks
  4. Hi everyone So, another decision. THis one needs to be made by the end of this week. The budget is 12 lacs. Car needs to be a diesel. My brother will drive it alone. No family travel. although little practicality is welcome. Both City and Highway commute. Just one question. What is the absolute best car in the segment? For people considered about waiting periods on ecosport, he had already booked the ecosport early and the car will be available in 15 days (titanium +). He likes the ecosport but he also likes the germans. haha Any help is appreciated. thanks
  5. I Agree, With time i have become kind of Anti Hyundai
  6. HI I got a call from ford and I shall get my Ford Ecosport Tit. (O) on 10th August. As a part of the panned upgrades, One big one is alloy wheels. I am looking for 17" wheels (+1 sizing) and changing the tyres to 215/55/17. It is a 4 bold 108 PCD pattern and there arent much options in india. If few dealers have the wheels, the offsets are far from the stock offset. If i am not wrong Ecosport wheels are 16", 4x108 PCD, ET38 (Same as fiesta, as they are giving 15" fiesta alloy as accessory for base models) So I have decided to import wheels from UK. I am looking at brands like OZ, MSW , MOMO etc. I calculated and the prices will be same or slightly cheaper post customs if I import wheels than buying from india. Also I get peace of mind of them being original. I'll import the tyres along with wheels as this size is slightly rare. Tyres shortlisted are Goodyear Efficient Grip (How are they?) I like the MSW type 20 4H wheels. I am still looking and need inputs on what to buy and how to go about it. Also if any one is interested in buying set of 5 stock ecosport alloys from me (with tyres)( with Zero miles on them) please let me know. Thanks
  7. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    Guys These has been an interesting development. My brother got a call from Skoda Delhi today and the SA offered him a flat cash discount of 3 lacs on any laura model (2012 make). Now this puts the base diesel model( 2.0 TDi Ambition) very close to ecosport. ( about 2.8 lacs difference) We were discussing it and could not conclude what to buy. Money is not an issue and we are also few of the lucky ones to get an ecosport this early, giving it up would mean insanity to few :|) Ecosport is new whereas laura is old (soon be replaced) but from a segment above. so more comfortable and powerful. As he shall be driving alone he dosent mind any car. First it was like "Laura!! so many on road, so old.. not special but after a few minutes, it was like by the end of this year, there will be more ecosports on road, HAHA ) Its almost final to go for the new car (ES) but but just incase "should we give laura a second look" ( Incase of laura, we would look at the Automatic Ambition mostly, would cost about 4.5 lacs more, again this is just an idea as of now, lets see how it goes) Help PLEASE !!!
  8. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    Thanks for the feedback everyonr @ F30: A/T wheels do look butch. I shall research and try comparing them with car tyres to see if i loose anything ( road noise, comfort etc.). What size do you recommend F30? @rssh: Yes, I will get the underbody treatment done, Thanks. I shall speak with the dealer and try asking hime about warranty before upgrading but I shall keep these night breakers in mind @sarabjeet: Thanks, I have decided not to upgrade the alloys as of now, The OE is design is pretty good for 16 inches and no point changing them to retain the size. I shall verify the warranty issues with the dealer first
  9. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    I have always loved gunmetal alloys, In BRAZIL the same alloy (OE) is also sold in graphite shade, but india gets only silver. Planned upgrades: 1. Upgrade to 17 inch wheels (God!) 2. Illuminated scuffplates (Ford) 3. Teflon coating 4. Rear wheel cover (If i stick to OE wheels) 5. Ambient Light (Ford) 6. Sport Pedals (Ford) 7. Head lights and fog lights upgrade ( To white light bulbs) ( I Have no idea about this and have to start researching. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED Thanks
  10. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    I am so deep into this wheel switch stuff that I shall change something in my car than nothing else it would be too frustrating :P
  11. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    This is too confusing. The tires mentioned by you arent available in my size. Anyway, all this is turning out to be very expensive and doing more damage than good.. Now if we skip the importing part and I stick to OEM rims (16").. Suppose I get MRF wheels from FOrd, then what change do you recommend..
  12. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    Hi F30 I am looking at They have the best shipping rates to india. And I calculated.. Buying from INDIA or importing will cost almost the same (actually slightly cheaper when importing, I guess, if my calculations are correct.) Anyway, thing is I have much more options abroad with range of offsets to choose from. An indian dealer was forcing me to go for ET25, whereas the actual offset is 38. Abroad I am getting ET40 for the same wheel. About tyres, OEM size is 205/60/16 , I plan to go for 215/55/17 , difference is less than 2.5% Only tyre option in india was Michelin PLC. Abroad I have many with CPC2, CPC5, Goodyear efficient grip/ excellance, Pirelli Cinturato P7 etc. Which one do you suggest in these, U being the tyre guru.
  13. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    In MSW , i like type 20 4 stud pattern.. its pretty neat and fitted to countless fiestas abroad.. I like the titanium finish.. You are right, not worth it investing over a lakh for a 10 lakh rupee car, but If I trade in my OE wheels and tyres, i might have to spend about 60k only, total.. WHAT SAY?
  14. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    Thanks I understand what you are saying. I buy what you said and will wait for the upgrade . Thanks alot BUT BUT I really want to upgrade , nevermind.. I'll stick with stock then..
  15. Importing Alloys for Ecosport from Europe

    Thanks I checked for specifications. Ecosport wheels are same as fiesta (all new). its 4x108. and ET38. it is confirmed because all new fiesta alloys are sold as accessories for ecosport base models. @rssh : (go vettel !!)Thanks for the advice. I checked, wheels+tyres will cost me about 1.4 lacs (woah! i know) for brands like OZ. i know its better to wait, but anyway, oz are super expensive in india. i shall verify perimeters before closing the deal. ( i was quoted 1.1 lacs for oz wheels(5) with wrong offsets in india without tyres) How much do you think my current ecosport wheels would sell for? (all 5 wheels with tyres intact (brand new)) I am looking at MSW wheels by OZ as well. tyre size is also awkward, its available abroad. How is Goodyear Efficient Grip? Any further suggestions
  16. Also it is a white car in case anyone was interested. also i saw an ecosport today, on the road in white with wheel cover and blackened taillights, looked epic. couldnt catch the front or sides.
  17. Hi everyone, the choice is made, its gonna be the ecosport titanium(o) diesel. Delivery is next week.(hopefully!). Will ask him to write about it once he gets it. Thanks for the inputs. Now as it is a cheap car (SUV standards) he wants to add a lot of genuine accessories to it. like: ambient lights, sport pedals, wheel cover, rear armrest, HID upgrade etc. This will be done at the dealer level, not immediately but eventually. Also we came across something like this: Looks very interesting. Its a 6 CD DVD, GPS blah blah system. with 8 inch screen. it is made for ecosport and should fit right in replacing the puny dot matrix currently on car. WHAT SAY ? worth it? Again, thanks guys
  18. Thanks Tejen, for the feed back. I did a lot of research and found the same as what you have stated. Basically. " own a german for the first 50,ooo kms and handover the trouble after that " ANyway, I have decided to pass. Thanks for the feedback, highly appreciated.
  19. Thanks, For the response.. I guess I'll pass. I anyway never liked the E class. Also I am excited about the delivery of my A class. Due mid august. Its raining cars in my family, First it was my car, then dads, now my cousin also wants a car. I'll start a new thread for that. His budge isnt too high. Again, Thanks prancing horse Thanks sarabjeet, Ur infiniti is epic. (Stuff of dreams).. many many congratulations. A few years down the line, i shall contact you for helping me out importing a car. I would love that. Thanks
  20. Booked the A Class Sport

    Hi Everyone After a lot of research and Waiting for about 4 months, I have booked the A class (White). I wanted a diesel car but as the A class Petrol was much better loaded, booked it. The main attraction was the panoramic Sunroof. A Little bit about my self, I am single , 25 years old and was looking for my first luxury car. I am based in delhi. I had a budget of upto 30 Lacs and after going through all my options, shortlisted the A class petrol, Merc C220 CDI Sport and Bmw 320d Baseline. ( Both saloons did not have a sunroof) I know the other cars are better and more fun, But I needed a sunroof and a special car that looks young and sporty. My cars delivery is due in August. I still have an option to cancel the booking and go for other options (The dealer is a distant acquaintance). Practicality is not an issue for me, and the car will mostly be driven in the city with occasional highway drives to chandigarh. Is it the correct decision? What mileage can I expect? Or is my decision a huge blunder? I made this choice, but somehow I dont feel very sure Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  21. Booked the A Class Sport

    see this, sent to me by volvo just now..what you are talking about is 2012 feb pricing. they renamed D3 to D4, maybe to make space for V40 D3.
  22. Booked the A Class Sport

    There is no D3 variant, its called D4 in S60.. I checked with volvo..(its a 163 HP unit).. B class is a big no.. I dont like it..Practicality is not on my wish list so A class is fine if it was B.
  23. Booked the A Class Sport

    Hi, THe S60 diesel base model, i.e. D4 Kinetic starts at 27.xx Lacs (Ex-showroom Delhi).. And the maximum discount I got was 2 lacs (2013 model). According to them 2012 models are now sold out. I agree with you on the petrol depreciation. Also I dont need EMI options as they are generally very expensive in the long run and I can afford a 3 series or a C class right now. I am thinking of going for a diesel A class now (My friend says the mileage will be 16-17 KMPL mix, through some trusted sources). Thats pretty good. I can go for a C220 or a 320d as well. Just not sure if I want the Bling or the power. Also Bling is cheaper :P Thanks. Please let me know what you think
  24. Booked the A Class Sport

    ANOTHER SMALL THING. I think I'll go for the normal grill and not the Diamond grill. I know the Diamond grill is Hot as hell but the normal two bar grill is also good and if pictures online do it justice than the two bar grill on white A class looks stunning. This would mean a lower investment, (72 K) and I can opt for a diamond grill any day in future, if I am bored of the two bar grill
  25. Booked the A Class Sport

    Thanks, What I heard from the reviews is that the diesel engine is more drivable and feels fast. Also it does not have turbo lag and is smooth. ( it has only 107BHP) On the other hand For petrol I heard its smooth but feels stressed and not very good on highways. (These were two totally separate reviews by ACI) Now please clarify to me that in comparison to Each other, which one would be better, As petrol has more power, but for daily drives which one will felle better. Also what mileage can I expect according to u, in my post above i mentioned the dealer quoted mileage figures, are they achievable?