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  1. Thanks. Firstly I picked the petrol as it was better loaded. Somehow sitting inside the diesel A class did not justify the price tag but petrol did. I know it sounds rubbish but that was the reason. The differences inside: 1. Silver chequered speedometer in petrol (with red needles) vs all black basic in diesel. 2. Steering wheel with perforated nappa leather and contrast white stitching(Yummy) vs Plain black nappa leather in diesel(It felt rubbery) 3. Different upholsteries but both are good. Nothing major 4. Fabric/Leather on door pads with contrast stitching in petrol vs Plain fabric(Felt like nothing) door pads in diesel. 5. Sunroof (Enough said) 6. Different trim ( Petrol is plain and more elegant, Diesel has a rough dotted pattern) Outside: 1. Twin Exhausts in petrol vs none in diesel. Now clearly the petrol felt better. But even I wanted a diesel. I am still confused and have a provision to cancel or modify my order. Things absolutely absent: 1. Parking sensors (None) 2. Reversing camera There is no deal on the car As it is fresh, no discounts at all. Ex-Showroom was 23.xx----> 27.xx on road (Includes 72k for diamond grill, No metallic paint). Funny thing is there is about 80k difference in petrol and diesel in ex-showroom, but on road difference reduces to 30k. Now I need help here. Q1: Is a diesel Engine worth sacrificing these features? (Also it has lower BHP, I dont understand engines too well in terms of drivability) Q2: I am getting good deals on C220 CDI Sport and BMW 320d Baseline. Both will cost me ABOUT 3 lacs more than A class. Both have better diesel engines with 170 and 183 HP respectively. Both dont have Xenon lights and Sunroof. On the other hand Audi A4 Business edition will cost me just 1.5 Lac more. (it has xenons) (I can provide detailed maths if required) Q3: So should I drop the A class sport and go for the other options. Whats your take? I know its a weird comparison. But its my first step into the Holy Trinity and I dont want to take any chances. Whatever I buy now will be with me for 5 years at least. I will make the complete payment by this weeks end. I have waited long and cant wait any longer. My priorities once again: 1. Daily drive in Gurgaon. 2. One monthly Highway drive. ( though Gurgaon expressway is like highway everyday) 3. Easy/low maintenance 4. Fun Driving experience. 5. Head turning/ Premium experience. Thanks in advance. Appreciated..
  2. Hi Everyone After a lot of research and Waiting for about 4 months, I have booked the A class (White). I wanted a diesel car but as the A class Petrol was much better loaded, booked it. The main attraction was the panoramic Sunroof. A Little bit about my self, I am single , 25 years old and was looking for my first luxury car. I am based in delhi. I had a budget of upto 30 Lacs and after going through all my options, shortlisted the A class petrol, Merc C220 CDI Sport and Bmw 320d Baseline. ( Both saloons did not have a sunroof) I know the other cars are better and more fun, But I needed a sunroof and a special car that looks young and sporty. My cars delivery is due in August. I still have an option to cancel the booking and go for other options (The dealer is a distant acquaintance). Practicality is not an issue for me, and the car will mostly be driven in the city with occasional highway drives to chandigarh. Is it the correct decision? What mileage can I expect? Or is my decision a huge blunder? I made this choice, but somehow I dont feel very sure Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Also Off topic: If you had a choice between the A class Petrol and The BMW 320d Baseline (irrespective of price), What would you choose? (If practicality bit is ruled out)
  4. Hehe.. I'll be buying a white A180 petrol. They have a car ready for delivery(Display car) or I can wait till August 1st week for a fresh piece. The car on display has done 40kms. I have decided to get a fresh car in august as this car had a lot of people jumping in and out. The booking is done. Waiting for the delivery. BIG Question: What mileage can I expect out of it? (The SA said 13-14 kmpl) Also can you please tell me what I need to take care of before taking delivery? Thanks Prancing horse
  5. I am not sure about the exact number, But its pretty good. Dosent scrape very easily. Mercedes fits the india spec cars with rough road package, that brings the ground clearance numbers to what most cars in the segment have. I would assume it must somewhere close to 140mm.
  6. Thanks Prancing horse. 'A' is indeed a special car. I drove the diesel and it was ok. Nothing too overwhelming. There was a lot of traffic and it was more painful than fun. Wrong time to take a test drive. Anyway, engine was smooth, quick shifts and no jerky ness. MID showed an avg mileage of 14.8. That was because it was a test car. Yes, the C class sport is slightly stripped down, but I think it better value than the Avantgarde trim. This car was a bomb. The power difference is clearly visible, little jerky but the burst of power is addictive. ( I can only imagine how much fun 320D would be) . One thing, i saw the review videos of the A class and the press car is very well loaded, ( parking sensors, climate control, Camera, Large infotainment display, Facebook functionality, rear AC vents etc>) These features were absent on the car i saw or the CAR that mercedes is actually selling. I am super confused, On one side i have a better car and on the other, A head turner. Anyway, I might settle for a petrol A class (Love sunroof). Do you recommend it, WHat mileage did the car give, I Plan to keep the car for about 5 years. And based on reviews you must have read, how does it compare to the diesel. ANd,, forgot about the volvo, It was a feb 2012 car, white volvo s60 D4 kinetic, priced almost similar to the A class. (1-2 lacs more). Did not drive it. Felt good to sit in but was very simple, no fuss car. It was a nice car, but did not feel very luxurious. My parents were put off by the really old inventory. ( 'A' felt better value).
  7. Edit: C220 is 170HP. As I pointed out earlier, I dont need much space in a car. As mostly it will only be driven by me. Anyway C class space is very much comparable to the A sans the boot. I want a good car, that is easy to maintain and is special. A felt more special than C. What do you think?
  8. Hi Everyone. First of all I am extremely sorry for a delayed response. I was busy with some personal stuff. Its decision time. I have to book the car this week. I have really appreciated everyone's input. Here is my take on my situation. IT has to be a new car. It has to be the A class. I Saw the car and there is was. It looks so good. So good. I drove the diesel version but the car inside the showroom was a petrol(it looked better). I have enquired about everything. The car is about 23.xx lacs ex showroom. About 27.xx on road(Delhi) + 70k for diamond grille+ 60k ( Silver colour) . As of now the diamond grill is compulsory as the first lot cars were shipped with this grill. August onwards one can save those 70k and get a regular 2 bar grill, which also looks incredible i must say. Now about diesel vs petrol. It is more like diesel vs sunroof(Diesel dosent have a sunroof, petrol has). Also the interiors of petrol version look much better, i felt. Petrol also has slightly better looking steering wheel( perforated with contrast stitching) . Head says diesel heart says sunroof. ( I am not into petrol engines, I like fast diesels) . So I hope u guys can help me decide. All other options(cars) are either expensive or not as tempting as the A class. Its truly A class apart . Anyway just for a healthy discussion. Other Option I have is a MERC C220 Sport. Old inventory discounts. In all it was exactly 4 lacs more than A if i buy it in a non metallic shade. It loses out on Xenons, sunroof, but adds power passenger seat and a better engine (160 Hp). Also it is more car for the money. So it was a very confusing visit to the showroom. Now at this I have two mercs to decide between. As plazda pointed out, No A4. And BMW well, its expensive, baseline comes with smaller rims, and I think C class sport with AMG kit looks slightly better. it will also be 1-2 lacs above C class sport. And then there is no limit, on can keep adding 1-2 lacs and it will always go on. Well, Please help me. I shall be closing the deal in a day or two. Thanks a lot
  9. @ all, thanks for the input. So finally I am deciding between the S60 and the Passat highline. I dont like the B class as its looks so uncool, and is petrol at the moment. Going to visit the volvo showroom soon, will decide depending on discounts on what to settle for. One last query, WHY NOT THE A CLASS??? (I know underpowered (one)), but if launched for 22 lacs (Diesel, ex showroom), then
  10. Hey, thanks for the input. What launches are you talking about, if its the v40 and and 1 Series, as I learned they are launching after September, I dont think I'll be able to wait that long . Also I have a very similar opinion as urs regarding buying the top spec model instead of a base one. Agree with u there. Thing is I know BMW is out of budget at the moment but I want to know how far behind are the passat and S60? I mean, is it really worth spending extra ( close to 7-8 lacs extra!) to get a 3 or C. I am looking for a nice fully loaded package and am planning to keep it for 5-7 years
  11. Thanks Platzda turbo for the input. I used to like the laura alot about 2 years back, one of my relatives went ahead a bought one (elegance trim). Although the car is an allrounder, the air con is not very effective in delhi heat. Secondly, it dosent feel premium anymore, I donno why but, the interiors and the overall package is not very exciting. Even the jetta dosent excite me anymore. I had decided on the jetta in feb (No test drive) and waited for may-june to start the booking procedure, Did not like it. All of a sudden an A class made more sense at this price. (I mean if launched at about 22 lacs ex showroom, Jetta is 19 lacs highline DSG). Anyway, U have a gem of car ( _/\_ 3.0 TDI). Congrats on that. I called up audi gurgaon today, and the base 2.0 Tdi is 29.90 Lacs ex showroom. When i asked about discounts, He was like come to the showroom sir, we can talk about it. I might consider it if the discounts are good. Thing is, I want to spend about 26-27 lacs, and want the best car in that price. Volvo s60 D4 is also making sense. Confusion confusion
  12. Ok, I shall try that. I am from Delhi, Now I have a job in Gurgaon, so moving there
  13. wow, thanks.. Thats a good point. Do u have any word on the facelift s60. It has been on the web for quite sometime now. any idea when it comes to india. also, i totally forgot about the volvo v40 crosscountry. That should also be a good option, but somehow s60 is more appealing. What kind of discounts show I be looking at? I mean, i was given a 2 lac discount for a 2012 car over the phone, How low do you think he can go?
  14. How is volvo s60 as a car? Is it better than Passat, also how is the resale value compared to the trio and passat? I really like how volvo looks and as I have a dealer close by, i wont have service issues as well. I am just worried about maintenance costs and resale as it has not been very successful in India. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the response, F30 and prancing horse. As far as BMW is considered, I love them. I hate how the 1 series looks, so ruled out. about the 3 series. I always buy a new car so looking at f30 320d baseline, Is it worth it? also i heard some people getting close to 3 lacs off so after that it might fit my budget. But isn't it too bare bone. This is getting more and more confusing. I was hoping u guys will say "passat is good and VFM, go for it" . That would have made things easy. Now I need to stretch, which is hard at this point. Can a BMW 3 or A4 come down to 27 lacs ex showroom after discounts. @F30 : I see you have a BMW 328i, one of my fantasy cars.. i know its amazing to drive and have read your ownership threads here and there. Also read about new tires. Even I once bought alloys and tires from UK for my cousin's 5 series. We got some sweet 19" TSW rims with michelin rubber all for 1.3 lacs before customs. It was a very good experience indeed. ( Not having to deal with frauds in india)( Its a story itself ). Quick question for you, how is the forward visibility in the car. Do u sit very low and high Dash or does it have an excellent all round visibility. THANKS
  16. Hello All I am new to this forum and in a bit of a soup at the moment. I am from Delhi and looking to buy a new car for about 25 Lacs. I can stretch to 26 lacs max. Note: These are on road costs. I have always loved driving and currently drive a Ford Fiesta (Classic now). I will be buying in the month of July and have shortlisted a few cars. Also, I am 25 years old, single and will be using the car for my self, driving to office everyday in gurgaon and ocasional long trips to Chandigarh with Mom dad, but very less often. In all, I know i want a Diesel, irrespective of my daily running. 1. VW Passat High-line: I visited a local showroom that had this car on display. They had both the Comfort-line and High-line on display, and some how the high-line with its black interiors felt more premium by leaps and bounds than the beige comfort line. I never thought i'll feel so for black interiors. Anyway, the car has the best interior in the segment. It also had a lot of party tricks like auto park assist and ventilated seats with massaging (Yes!). It has a 170 HP engine that is good and frugal. Only problem is that its a big car and i'll be driving it on daily basis. Does that look good ?. Another thing i forgot to mention is the top class driver visibility. The car gives such a good view upfront, something that you hardly get in a luxury car. I hated the Jetta (No offence!) after sitting in the passat. Actually I had gone for the Jetta to VW Showroom . We worked out the on road cost for highline and came to about 27.xx Lacs after 2.5 lac discount (2012 model). 2. Skoda Superb: Again, I will be driving so idea of a limousine like superb dosent sound very attractive. Also Passat has better engine and more classy interior. So SUPERB but No SUPERB. 3. Mercedes A class (UPCOMING): This the car that convinced me to spend 25 lacs but I was put off by the recent scoops of a underpowered 110BHP Diesel. Also India spec car does not have AMG pack as reported by some websites. The BUMPERs are not AMG on the display cars I have seen. Anyway, I believe in brand value and am open to the A class depending on pricing and test drive experience. I am open to it as dont need too much space. BTW I am 6 feet tall, still I struggle for good outside visibility. So I use the seat Height adjustments very generously. 4. Volvo S60: Havent seen the car yet, but had a talk with a sales representative, He is giving the S60 D4 kinetic for 25 lacs ex showroom, after discount. was put off by the idea of thin sales network and really old inventory. But still its a strong contender that I am willing to consider. I am not looking for SUVs as they are too big for me. I am yet to see the BMW 3 and AUDI a4 but I'm sure they will be out of my budget (anyone!) as I dont want the base models, still can anyone give me more detail on this. Anyway, I am open to a discussion if anyone finds any other car more suitable. Please help me here. Thanks