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  1. You are super lucky , not only are they offering you huge discounts but are also giving you so many color options.

    If you are so much concerned about the car aircon , a darker shade will definitely effect cooling further, so keep this into account as cooling takes a hit per acre of car lenght and this is no small baby.

    Colors are subjective , choose the one you like.

    Also, i do not agree with buying the base variant stripped of all gimmicks, its like calling a magician to your party and asking him not to perform.

    Hey, yes, we are looking for a lighter shade only. About buying the base model..

    See, the mid model is not available at all, its probabaly discontinued.. So its either highline or trendline. Buy a bmw or Audi instead of a highline as highline price is high in the holy trio range. So basically we we are left with trendline.. My brother cannot invest much. Passat has amazing performance. I dont know.. I am convinced.. :)


  2. Best thing is to ask your bro on the colour, light brown make the car look corporate and at the same time sporty in the night. It might be boring at first but then it grows on you (I hated grey before but nowadays I love that colour). White will all those chrome on the bootlid/fog lamps looks elcheapo!! wannabe cadellac kind of look which I really don't like.

    Anyways don't forget to take extended warrenty/ service packages which are always handy for a German Car.

    Hey, Will keep that in mind.. also, dealer is not offering any extended warranty.. only the basic 2 year warranty is on offer. Also about maintenance package, I will have to enquire.. I think it wont be very beneficial..

    Can you give me a cost analysis on how it can benefit us. :) Cheers.

  3. Please don't buy white its way too common and the cars exclusivity with be dulled . Oak brown looks more like bronze ,I would say light brown/ silver they look well suited to Passat.

    Don't forget to carry a Camera please to the delivery and click as many pics and post them here :D.

    Oak brown looked exotic at first but its definitely not the best as we discovered. It looks good in dark but not in sun.

    For me

    WHite : Looks elegant

    Light brown: Royal but OLD man type

    Silver: Elegant and royal but too common.. (Same tone of silver is offered in polo and vento)

    Current priority: Light brown > Silver > White > Oak Brown

    What colour do think will look the youngest? I mean the car will be driven by a 25 year old.

  4. Hey BMWfanatic, You finally followed your heart and fell for your first love. Congrats on booking the Passat.

    On AC issue, I do not think the cooling effect would be a problem because I have not come across to any such complaint on ACI forum as of now. However, plz keep in mind that it is individual to individual that might also change the perception. So it may be a OK cooling for you but it may be chilling for I would suggest you to take a detailed TD (i am sure you would not get any problem on this as you have already booked), check the AC cooling efficiency on your own. You might have a difference in opinion.

    On choosing the OAK Brown colour, it is my favourite too...I think it adds to the luxury Aura of the car.

    Thanks, will test drive the car again on a warm day and see..

  5. You seem to be all over the place

    There are many issues with the vehicle that i have come across online but none of them points to an AC failure .

    My personal favorite has always been the Superb in this class.

    Looking at the way you are going, its would be premature to congratulate you at this point of time . :D

    Keep shopping is what i would say.

    Hehe, I know I have built that kind of reputation. This is as far as it goes.

    I like passat a lot more than superb. Outright space was never our criteria. We just wanted a better car. I guess passat does that.

    I dont know? You tell me.

    So what are the problems you have heard of? Are they very frequent?


  6. Another thing i want to share.

    When i wanted to book my A class, It was pitted against the passat.. I loved the passat. But wished I could have both.

    Now for my brother, again its the passat. SO wish has come true almost. I might have both cars of the confusion is sorted. Although they will be in two different houses so no option of choosing rides :P

    I am not complaining. :)

  7. Hi friends, An important update

    I have successfully convinced my family for the Passat. HAHAHA

    Yes, after a few negotiations with the dealer, i got a price that is few lacs above the cruze A/T


    and i feel its an incredible car. specs- 170 HP diesel, 6 speed MANUAL.

    A joy to drive and the trendline also feels so luxurious, it misses out on a lot of gizmos but what you get a nice fuel efficient truly luxury car.

    So BOOKING is done. Delivery next week. Colour OAK Brown.

    I am so happy to report this.

    I just have one concern that I came across is that The A/C is not very effective and dosen't cool the cabin very well. Chances of the compressor wearing out. ?? Is like the Laura A/C in 2008 that refused to cool.

    During the test drive, it was cool outside so couldn't check it.

    If someone can help me on this, it would be great. Thanks..

  8. HAHA, Thanks everyone.. I like lighter shades in cars, mostly its gonna be summit white, but we might go for silver as well. (I know I know, BORING COLORS.. :P)

    Anyway, this kept aside..

    If anyone remembers my mercedes A class story, How I felt for the passat when I went to see the jetta.. same happened again with me and family, we were there for the jetta and the same passat was still parked there, in all its glory. Passat is such a lovely car. It feels so luxurious, I mean mercedes E class luxurious.

    My brother also liked it. anyway I am trying to convince him for this. for this very reason he has stopped talking to me, he says if he listens to me, he shall go bankrupt. :)

    anyway, ITS THE CRUZE THAT IS FINAL.. the Dealer is an acquaintance so we have asked him that whatever cruze color is delivered to him in a lighter shade, we shall pick it up..

    SO its CRUZE LTZ A/T


  9. Thanks 'BMWfanatic'. I appreciate your words.

    Please do not buy jetta, I am it is no point buy a dud when you can get far better products in the market. For Cruze, if I were in your shoes I would have chosen it straight away as it is fun to drive machine especially for self driven car's aspect.

    Thanks Sstar,

    You are right again, Cruze felt special.. had a detailed test drive today. jetta is good but not special. anyway.

    Its cruze now. deciding between the manual and automatic. Is the cruze auto box good?

    I think cruze is the best car in the segment at the moment. what say?

  10. See BMWfantaic, the cars you comparing are very very different.

    Talking of the Chevy Cruze, buying the LT model is not a good idea b'coz you will be getting more features with equally good engine in the Jetta. The only plus point that the Cruze holds is the 3 years service bonanza that Chevy gives to it's customers. The car is only good for 0 to 100 timers!!! People (like your brother) looking for the car with overall good ownership experience would be happy to own this car (only b'coz of the service costs).

    Jetta (Trendline) on the other hand, is a great value for money car. Every aspect of the car, whether it's the ride, handling, engine performance, built quality evrything is exceptional. The only thing that would make you worry in the long term would be the maintenance costs and also the resale value. Although, VW is a great German manufacturer but still they lag in brand ownership from Chevy. Also, the Trendline comes with some more or less features than Cruze LT. Fuel efficiency is also nearly same +/- 1 kmpl.

    Ecosport doesn't match any of them. If think of buying it b'coz only of it's exclusivity than forget it!!! Within a few months the exclusivity of your car will be lost as you will be able to see many & many of them ( a waiting period of 4+ months is going on it! ) Except this the Ford owns nothing equal to the above two cars. Therefore forget it! The car is a generation behind these cars.

    At last, the thing revolves on your MOOLAH ( your valuable money )!!

    If service, runing & maintenance costs are no matter of worry to you then go for VW

    If, you are keen of good ownership experience for long time and can live with a bit down standard plastic quality and the spiky power delivery then CHOOSE TO CRUZE!!

    Thanks, More development today,

    Heart almost set on the cruze, we shall either buy LT MT or all the way LTZ AT. Jetta is a good car but cruze feels special. Test drove both today, I kept stalling the cruze but not jetta. :( apart from that, cruze as a wonderful seating position. and all the features.

    The SA told me that an avg. service would cost 7-8 k on cruze.. ( i did not buy it. Do you?)

    Apart from that all good.

    So is cruze automatic any good?

  11. Thanks guys,

    Now I am so sorry for the trouble, and thanks for being with me. I need some more help. (One last time I promise :P)

    So, since toady morning it has all been about laura, cruze, jetta. Suddenly we are looking for cars in this segment. Now that laura is ruled out. We have been visiting showrooms all day. (good day it was)

    We are left with Jetta and Cruze.

    Cruze LT variant is 14 Ex Show and discount is about 1 lacs (Net 12.9 Lacs) and MY12 Jetta Trendline is 15 Ex show with discount of 1.4 lacs. (Net about 13.5 lacs)

    This is the highest my brother can go. So all things said and done..


    (Note: we cannot wait for the octavia) (Buying a car this week only)

    Both are about 4 lacs above ecosport but I think these 4 lacs should be worth.

    I know I have troubled u guys enough, this is finally the decider. What ever is concluded here will be final. :)

    So in my head:

    CRUZE : + : good engine, good features(almost loaded)

    - : Not solidly built, just 2 airbags, suspension setup not as good as jetta

    JETTA: +: build quality, engine, performance, relatively new

    - : Plain interior (no wood, no MF steering)

    ECOSPORT + : New, very NEW, decently loaded, SUV eh, price

    -: segment lower (THATS IT), ENGINE POWER

    SO please help me decide this final battle.

    My brother dosent mind spending 4 lacs more for these cars if they are worth it (i.e value for money, i.e if he get 5 lacs more of a car spending those 4 lacs) :P :P

    Thanks guys.

  12. @BMWfanatic: Looks like all buying action is happening around you in the Auto Sector :P.

    Btw...I would again vote for EcoSport as Laura might be discontinued as new Octavia is going to be priced in the same price range.

    Thanks Sstar, My A class is coming by august end. Thanks for help there. Now this is for my brother. I love researching cars so decided to help him out.

    As advised by u and many others, I shall pass on the Laura.. Its ecosport as of now.

    But we are also thinking of the cruze. or the jetta trendline.. :P we are somehow forcing ourselves into the segment.

  13. See BMWfantaic, as a owner, i must tell you that after selling that bad ASS within a year my search began again for a luxury plus saloon which is good to drive have a great performance and can accompany few family occassioins by loading my family of 5 comfortably. As an auto enthu i had nearly every car on my mind radar. But the few that clocked my head (as my budget was same too) were the Chevy Cruze, VW Jetta, Renault Fluence, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Verna & Toyota Altis .

    I went to the showrooms one by one and reviewed each car totally.

    Chevy Cruze - was a great performer, good handling but not a 15 lakh mark car type even not as good as Laura. Space was fine, ride was good, fuel efficiency was 15 plus which was good for 166 bhp's. Cancelled the idea because the ngine was not much driveable and suited most for the highway use. Plastic quality was cheap too but the Chevy's service was awesome.

    VW Jetta - Great quality, same Laura's tried & tested mill under hood. Awesome ride quality. But, suited well for chauffer driven (i just simply love to drive myself) The main problem was the PRICE. On road in Delhi it went upto 17 lakhs. So, cancelled.

    Renault Fluence - Outstanding ride (phases out every other car in segment) drived well, driveable engine, Good quality interiors, futurisrtic interior design, good economy. Don't know, but doesn't behavedlike a 15 lakh car, engine sometimes felt strained. Didn't suit the character of car so, cancelled.

    Hyundai Elantra - Went to see it, drove it, felt excellent but was nearly 16 lakhs on road!!! Then my eyes got stuck at the baby Elantra the verna.

    Hyundai Verna - It was also there, standing in red, my favorite color. I opted to see it because rather being a segment low than Elantra both cars had same diesel heart with 123 bhp on tap. Then i took a walkaround of the car and with each inch i went deep into my heart. It had everything which i was searching for. All the gadgets that even Elentra didn't had! ( let me quote that Elantra that i tested was Elantra S and Verna was the top of the line SX (O). The car was awesome, 6 airbags, outstanding performance, great quality even good than Fluence and Chevy Cruze. The car was delight to drive in town, light steering & soft suspension sure was behind it. As i got faster the car became a bit bouncy (say above 70 80 kmph) but not much & still was good to sit and drive for hours. Driveability was good and the car was tractable in every traffic situation. Features were so many on this spec that it took 5 mins. to use each of them. Reverse camera, ABS,EBD, 6 airbags 16 inch alloys, electric retract. Fuel efficiency was also 16 kmpl plus. Talking of reaibilty Hyundai was unquestionable!!!

    At last what i did with my 15 lakh was this i drove home a top of the line Verna 1.6 SX (O). And after nearly one year i'm loving it!!!!

    As, for Altis it was good quality though but simply was outclassed even by the fluence. So underpowered car!!!! It got out of the car within a minute of driving...... SAD for a Toyota!!

    Thank you for such a detailed response. I totally agree and am sold.

    Cruze was second on my list. I think the base cruze with decent discount which i think should be around one lakh is a good option. I have always liked cruze, reading your thoughts at this price point I think this is the best option. What say?

    About verna, excellent VFM obviously, but not to my liking. Did you buy the Automatic?

    Thanks again, much appreciated.. Laura is out of my mind.

  14. @tejen: Thanks

    you are right, little we look at the post purchase experience. i agree skoda is horrendous when it comes to after sales. It was just that, we could have got an AT car which is always desirable in our family. Ecopsort is good i know, but a segment lower. :P

    Its more like heart wants a bigger car, i think the ownership( comfort and fun) should make up for the bad ASS. Although I would like my car to be easy to maintain.

    Anyway, if i get an exceptional deal that can offset the bad ASS, i might go for it :)

    BUT as an owner, if you had this money again to spend in this segment, MIND it not crossing 15 lacs OTR (After discounts), what would you pick. :)


    See BMWfanatic, reading above your views about the two cars and considering that you know the specifications of both the cars, my opinion goes with the Ecosport. I, myself have owned a Skoda Laura for about an year and the ownership experience was a nightmare that came true. Being based in NCR, i thought that finding a dealer would be a matter of seconds but it was not.

    See, what matters in long term ownership is the overall package not these mouthwatering packages of dealers giving discounts for 3.5 lakhs.

    Talking of the car, Laura, was a delight to drive. Every time i drove it, it felt fresh new. The quality was outstanding! The auto'box was a cherry on cake, lightning quick, and sober. The drievability was good too. But, the size of car was bit big for city use. Performance was blasting and lightning quick where 100 kmph was achieved in around 9 to 10 seconds. Braking was also awesome (with all four discs ABS, EBD) i could push the car to it's limits and sometimes above that. 140 was maintained at a good 3000 RPM. Talking of the average, the car returned around 13 kmpl in city use and around 19 kmpl on highway use (on highways i get aggressive) which was one of the best for such a heavy and big engined car. Comfort was excellent though, seats were sofa like (esp. front). The headrests at back were a bit high but the bolstering of seats made it a delight to sit for hours. The suspension worked like a segment above cars, making the ride quality exceptional.

    The scene changes when it comes to service, maintenance, spare parts. Everything is just irritating. Avoid Skoda that's all!

    Spare parts have a loooonnnnnnngggggggg waiting period!!!!!!!!

    Service costs are monstrous.......

    Maintenance (though Skoda rarely faced any problems) was very costly. Even the Skoda badge (that was stoled from mine) cost 1000 bucks!!!!!

    Ecosport would definitely be the best. My brother owns it and it is simply a delight to drive (not equal to Skoda but manages the same stance). Quality is something that needs time to get used to (esp. for an EX-SKODA owner! ) Performance is peppy for city use. Ownership experience would also be great. No worries to own. Good for families also. Great stability good economy (about 17 to 18 overall).

    GO FOR IT !!