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  1. Hi All Thank you for the inputs. I had read somewhere that the CNG cost comes to only 1 Re/ Km. Isn't that much better than diesel cost? If diesel is 30 Rs in Delhi and Vista gives a mileage of 15 in the city with AC, that comes to 2 Rs/ Km, which is double? So my CNG fuel bill is 2000 pm but my diesel bill is 4000 pm? Also, EMI for Santro is lesser than for Vista.
  2. Hi All I have been trying to find out the best car for me, but I have no clue. My requirements are: 1. I will be driving 80kms everyday. 2. I don't want to spend more than 4.5 lacs. 3. I need to pick up the car within two weeks. Delhi summers are starting, so cannot be without AC!! Sadly Swift Diesel has a min 3 month wait. 4. My top priority is fuel and maintenance economy and durability. I have the impression from all the posts that Vista will become costly in maintenance after 2 yrs whereas Santro CNG has very poor power, although I don't plan on speeding beyond 60 kms/ hr.