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  1. Hi All, I am planning to buy a Swift VXi without ABS (Mumbai registered) in the next week or so. The onroad price is coming around 5.02 The only discount all Maruti vendors are offering on Swift right now is IT discount - 10k till March 31st So it comes out to around 4.92 without any extra accessories. Any other dealers in Mumbai offering good deals on Swift VXi. @Mavericked which dealer was offering on road swift VXi @ 4.65 ?? Thanks and Regards, Darshan Shroff
  2. Hi All, Thanks for the wonderful response. It really helps first time buyers like me. I have inquired at various places and 90% of them have told me saying "You can use a Pune registered car in Mumbai without any issues. You dont need to get a NOC, or transfer at all. Its only needed when you move to a different state." However some of the experiences users on this forum (vijay, FuelRunGood) have said that you need to get an NOC after one year OR you need to pay octrio charges after one year. Kindly confirm on this as the entire purpose of buying a car from Pune is defeated if i have to pay the octroi charges after one year. Regards, Darshan Shroff
  3. Hi All, Thanks for the great response. I have been told by everyone ( family friends..) that a Pune registered car wont do any harm if you driving in Mumbai. But i was just wondering than then why would people buy cars from Mumbai in first Place. Mumbai tax - 4.5% Pune tax - 1.5% Thane - 0% There must be some reason as to why Mumbaites restrain from buying cars from Pune/Thane... Regards, Darshan Shroff
  4. Is the NOC easily availible from the RTO... because i have heard to obtain an NOC from the RTO, you first need to obtain an NOC from the bank giving loan... lastly how much does the NOC cost... Are there any other charges octroi/insurance to be levied for the new city (mumbai)... Regards, Darshan
  5. Hi All, I work in Pune and live here in a rented apartment. My family lives in Mumbai, which is my permanent address. I am planning to buy a new car, and buying it from Pune saves me around 25grands (due to lesser taxes). The car will be used only in Mumbai. Is there a problem if i buy the car from Pune (MH-16 number plate) and use it in Mumbai. What are the various formalities to be completed for such a transfer and how much do they cost. What other points do i need to keep in mind (car resale value lesser in Mumbai??) Regards, Darshan Shroff