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  1. hallo duddy,s if u don,t mind tell me first which one u wana get (Petrol or Diesel) if u want Petrol so Swift is best option if u want Diesel so Vista is Better coz. Vista is under power in Petrol Vista have Mutijet |Engine as well as Swift(190NM@2000rpm) but the Torque is better in Vista(190NM@1750rpm) his Torque working first against to Swift and u compaired in Price Swift VDI Diesel(RS:-5,45,000/-) & Vista Aura(RS:-5,20,000/-)with MP3 + DriverSeat height adjustable + Beige interior + Tilt-adjustsable |Steering + |Rear Wipers
  2. Plz. click the link for LINEA
  3. hi buddy,s i,ve the list of linea (petrol-diesel) Parts Price list if u give me ur mail ID i,ll send it to u basicly i m working with TATA MOTORS & FIAT
  4. Buddy if u dn,t mind i want to tell u Linea Diesel(Multijet) is 1248cc & his max power is 86ps@4000 so wat u want in this engine?