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  1. It really looks cool.... Any idea about the launch date? How safe is it to buy a GM car, considering its bad resale value?
  2. Hi Durango, none of my family members liked DZire. I know DZire is one of the better car in its segment and a real vfm, but i need to take my family's opinion/liking into consideration as well.We took td of Chevy AVEO and Ford Fiesta and both of them seem to look fine at price tag of 6.5 lacs OTR.The only concern is the resale value, that made me think for looking at uses Honda City(zx), which i can get at around 5 lacs.How worth is it to buy as used Honda City instead of Chevy or Ford car?
  3. Hi Rahul, the only thing that worries me is the resale cost.One of my friends mechanic told me to opt for used city instead of Ford or Chevy.
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions, but i am not interested in SX4.Looking for a sedan in the price rage below 7 lacs.CHevy AVEO or Ford Fiesta or i am also looking for used Honda City ZX.
  5. Hello All, Chevy India has come up with a carnival scheme in which they are offering huge cash discounts upto 50K on their sedan cars.New AVEO 1. 4 LS ex shooroom price starts at 5.5 lacs .Ford India had also come up with such its Limited edition fiesta offer with same price tag.Chevy cars also comes with free maintainance packages for upto 3 yrs, which makes it more tempting.Is it a worth to buy a chevy car, as Chevy/Ford are known for their costly spare parts or less resale value and bad ASS.I am a begginer and will be keeping the car for around 5-6 yrs.My bugget is around 6-7 lacs.
  6. Hi Guys, I visited Maruti Suzuki showroom, Y'day and found Dzire was a good option in the medium car segment, but the concern is the waiting time.The dealer told the delivery time was around 1-2 months.Long waiting period is the major concern of many of the people opting for this car.Is it worth waiting for few months to buy it, As if i book it now, i may get the delivery around June, when the Monsoon arives.Being a new learner, will it be good to start my initial driving in the rainy season?
  7. Hi Guys, I find this Dzire, a better option in the medium car segment and am planing to buy it, visited the show room Y'day.The dealer told the delivery time would be around 1-2 months.Looking at all your views, i doubt, if i will get it in 2 months.Its it worth, waiting for few months and is there going to be any price hike for MS variants?
  8. Thanks all for the opinion, Now i am looking forward for buying a new car.Does it make sense to go for a fully loaded Sedan (with ABS, air bags etc) by paying some extra.I will be using my car mostly for city ride. I20 is a very good car in hatch back segment, but my family wants me to buy a Sedan.
  9. Hi Sudeep, No the dealer isn't giving any warranty, instead i can bring my mechanic and/or take the car to any of the Honda service center for checking the internal condition.But i do think, used car should have some warranty from the dealer.
  10. Hi All, Last weekend I visited a dealer to see 3yr old Honda City zx.It ran around 30000Km and the deal will cost me somewhere around 5.2-5.5 lacs.The car seemed to be in good condition from the exterior.Whats all things should be consider while buying a used car?
  11. In this competative world,Every car maker is in the league for proving himself the best, either quality or money wise.Maruti would definitely take the step for reducing the price, as it needs to survive and go well in the small car segment.With Nano hitting the market with a price tag of around 1-1.6 lacs, many people can afford to buy it.There was an article in TOI, Nano could be a good choice as a future public cab.
  12. Thank you all for your valuable comments.I may think for hiring a driver for first few months.Is it worth to look for a Chevy sadan, knowing GM is going through a bad phase.If i am going for a new car, i won't mind to increase my budget by another lac, as its going to be for the comfort of my family.Can you ppl suggest me a good comfortable, fuel efficient sedan for around 7 lacs? My usage will not be more that 600 km/month.
  13. My parents are aged, so would prefer a Sedan.If i go for a new car, the only thing which comes in my mind is, being a learner, will i be able to drive it properly with out causing much harm to my car? The traffic in mumbai is very pathetic so will need to drive it very carefully.This may not be the case with a used one's.
  14. I am a learner, in dilemma to buy a sedan car. My budget is around 5-6 lacks and my options are new Hyundai Accent executive or used Honda City zx(2006-2007).