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  1. my friend said that it costs 82000 on road here in chennai... not conformed . front looks great
  2. nice pics... been there (munnar) plenty of times. really nice place..
  3. at last some good upgrades from HH. hope it gets more power and fi. if offered in current price range definetly its a hit.
  4. thought its good VFM than r15 nearly 30000 cheap. and also took test drive of Fz , its underpowered and cost almost same as 220. i think new fz 150 would cost more than 220 as fz-s itself costs 76000.
  5. sorry guys i couldnt post due to that malware warning... thanks for al ur opinions. booked black p220 dtsi on wednesday. getting delivery on monday. very excited abt the bike.
  6. No way, any body will prefer a sedan for the price rather than jazz. i think only rich people already with 2 or 3 cars will buy this car.
  7. sorry for late reply.. there was some malware warning about our forum . i couldnt access this page. . I think, i am going to wait till the new fz is launched...
  8. took test drive of both the bikes.... liked R15 the most but didnt like its price tag... so decided to go for the fz series... any body know when the new Fz bike will be launched....
  9. thanks for your input guys.... performance kit?? will they increase the price.. already its 108000 in chennai....saw those new FZ series photos... its looks good but it has just quarter portion of faring...
  10. Hi guys, I am looking to buy a new bike. Have shortlisted yamaha R15 and FZ-S . Will there be any new variant of R15 releasing soon? Is it worth buying... Please help...
  11. i think there is no 200/xx R xx tyre... 195 and then 205 are there....
  12. sx4 has jk tyres only... it generates lot of noise....
  13. go for i10. but wait till the ritz is launched
  14. if i were u , i would choose i10 as santro and wagon R looks outdated.. and i dont think jazz will fit in to that budget.. most likely to be the costliest hatchback.