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  1. my friend said that it costs 82000 on road here in chennai... not conformed . front looks great
  2. nice pics... been there (munnar) plenty of times. really nice place..
  3. at last some good upgrades from HH. hope it gets more power and fi. if offered in current price range definetly its a hit.
  4. thought its good VFM than r15 nearly 30000 cheap. and also took test drive of Fz , its underpowered and cost almost same as 220. i think new fz 150 would cost more than 220 as fz-s itself costs 76000.
  5. sorry guys i couldnt post due to that malware warning... thanks for al ur opinions. booked black p220 dtsi on wednesday. getting delivery on monday. very excited abt the bike.
  6. No way, any body will prefer a sedan for the price rather than jazz. i think only rich people already with 2 or 3 cars will buy this car.
  7. sorry for late reply.. there was some malware warning about our forum . i couldnt access this page. . I think, i am going to wait till the new fz is launched...
  8. took test drive of both the bikes.... liked R15 the most but didnt like its price tag... so decided to go for the fz series... any body know when the new Fz bike will be launched....
  9. thanks for your input guys.... performance kit?? will they increase the price.. already its 108000 in chennai....saw those new FZ series photos... its looks good but it has just quarter portion of faring...
  10. Hi guys, I am looking to buy a new bike. Have shortlisted yamaha R15 and FZ-S . Will there be any new variant of R15 releasing soon? Is it worth buying... Please help...
  11. i think there is no 200/xx R xx tyre... 195 and then 205 are there....
  12. sx4 has jk tyres only... it generates lot of noise....
  13. go for i10. but wait till the ritz is launched
  14. if i were u , i would choose i10 as santro and wagon R looks outdated.. and i dont think jazz will fit in to that budget.. most likely to be the costliest hatchback.
  15. thanks for suggestion . tyres not nice.but have to wait till these tyres worn out.. the car some times looks reddish in the evening and when the sun is bright it is copper coloured... there is a great amount of variation ...
  16. @rssh .. saw the honda site... city looks awesome with those kits. but i just compared the prices , it seems the front spoiler alone costs more than sx4 full spoiler kit.. also considering ANHC's GC it will be annoying each and every time u see the expensive kit scratch the speed breaker..
  17. @harmony .. i am not sure about that.. .while leaving the car for service they advised me to add it and i didnt ask much questions as i was in a hurry. but its billed as BG super charge...
  18. i 20 is a good car. My neighbour has one ( beige ) . It doesnt look good in that colour. The car looks great in white. and with all the features it offers it seems like a good buy to me.
  19. innova is a good choice karan. as speed said wait till the warranty period gets over before doing any mods.
  20. @crazy cat. The bodykits are avaiable for swift, sx4 and zen. Regarding mileage i dont rev it too much in the city. The worst mileage was around 9 kmpl which is the result of rash driving. But if driven properly one can get the most out of it.
  21. @speed . Only problem faced was with the bodykit fitting. Here they installed it for the first time on my car and the skirts were not aligned properly. After i complained some one from the bodykit manufacturing company showed up and attended the car and now its fine. So far spend only Rs 400 for some oil additive during 2 nd service other than that nothing extra.
  22. Introduction : First i booked swift vdi ( which i had to wait for 1 month ) and two days later changed to SX4 as it had a whole lot of equipments at a good price and finally got sunlight copper colour from ABT Maruti chennai. The car was delivered 1 week later. First 2 services over. 8000 kms done so far. Exterior : At first i liked the styling very much but after 2 or 3 months it didn't appeal that much . I decided to add the MGA body kit which made the car look aggressive and i am loving it. Apart from a scratches on the left side, the car looks clean . Interior: The interior looks neat but the quality is bad. I decided not to put seat covers as i like the beige seats but it gets dirty very soon and have to clean it regularly. The controls are easy to reach with out stretching. Commanding seating position ( offers great view of the road ) and the seats are very comfortable. The indicator has to be turned off manually almost everytime while turning the car as it turns off automatically only on full steering lock. The automatic climate control works fine and feels great to use but the fan sound is very annoying when running at full speed. I like the amber illumination on the speedo and the climate control illumination. The A pillar obstructs view and once on a deep right turn i coudn't see a bus approaching , i heard the horn and turned the car suddenly otherwise would have crashed. The music system sounds good only with ipod in bass booster mode. The steering mounted controls are very useful. Very easy to get in and out of the car. Performance: The engine is very smooth. Steering is resposive. Overtaking , cornering are very easy. The car is stable at high speeds. The power delivery is smooth except for a initial lag . Top speed reached was 155 kmph and the car was stable. The tyres are very noisy but the handling of the car is simply awesome. The ride is bumpy. Had no issue with braking. GC is great but after adding those body kits scratched the front bumper bottom several times on steep entrance of my appartment. Haven't scratched on a speed breaker though. A/C is effective but coudn't match that of baleno(my other car). Overall the car is fun to drive especially on the highway. FE : The FE is around 10-11kmpl in city with A/C always at 25 C and 13 kmpl avg on the highway (best 16 kmpl). Accessories : MGA body kit : Rs. 22000 Vinyl Stickering : Rs. 6500 Negatives : Rear visibility, Fit and finish, tyre noise. Overall : I am totally satisfied . Its extremelly good looking ( especially with body kits ) and zxi is truly value for money package. Pictures:
  23. SX4 zxi for sure.. i am getting around 10 - 10.5 in city with AC...