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  1. I'll definitely recommend hf deluxe for your requirements it's reliable, easy on the pocket, really fuel efficient and availability of spare parts will not be a problem at anytime anywhere in the country.
  2. Today I have spotted this new tata motors chessis in my city Bhilwara, Rajasthan.
  3. One more thing I wanted to ask what are the pros. & cons of teflon coating on car body.
  4. If you are looking for a long distance tourer than IMO you may look at Hero Zmr, as its got a pliant ride, good riding position and oil cooling too with good milage & 5 years warranty.
  5. They are trying to work but need to improve on things like panel gaps and the shape of speedo consol, it looks like popping out of the dash, the center consol is also very old school manner.
  6. My friend is planning to buy ev2 diesel top model in 10 days, should he stay back or buy it. When is the new model expected.
  7. what things will needed to be done if I want to install high power ones like 55/100W or any suggestions from your side.
  8. how are philips xtreme vision H4 bulbs 60/55W, will they make any difference?
  9. I've a 2007 model maruti SX4 having 60/55 w headlights, I find them really dim for highway driving, so I request the members for a correct replacement for those halonix bulbs.