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  1. firefox 2 gives a option if you want to proceed at your own risk....firefox 3 dosent even give that option! i now use a different browser to view ACF, but a newcomer may not do it...thats my point. we will lose out from other entusiasts coming to the forum. will inform mozilla soon. but i think it will carry more weightage if FRG or one of the moderators do it. FRG, please do the needful.
  2. Firefox 3 is totally blocking the site...... action required fast
  3. This is how you see i_see
  4. This is the Standard herald......originally a triumph model...spitfire i think.
  5. Hydraulic power steerings (HPS) is actually hydraulic assist power steering.........in case of HPS failure, you just end up with a very heavy steering....so no danger as such.... I agree with everyones opinion that EPS feels like a PS2...love the feel(read feedback ) of HPS
  6. Q (1) It was the Hyundai Pony- the car had quality problems in the US and was referred to as 'cheap Asian imports' by the Yankees. Now Hyundai cars excel in quality in the US and are also cheaper. Q(2) Very right Silent Thunder its indeed the TVS 50 (53cc)launched sometime in 1981-82' date=' which later became the TVS XL and XT. [/quote'] Well.....Hyundai Excell , Hyundai Pony & Hyundai Presto...are all one and the same This was it Its interiors Notice the old logo! i_see2008-01-17 15:40:42
  7. Q(1) Which was the first Hyundai car model exported to the US? Hyndai Excell Q(2) With which model did the TVS group enter the 2 wheeler market in India ? Its the TVS 50......guys....u remember it?
  8. 1) U S made cars in the 1950''s symbolised the era of the designers. The tail fins grew up gradually starting in the early 1950's (some were evident in 1948 too) and climaxing with this luxury car in 1959.These were also considered dangerous for cyclists who could collide and hurt themselves. This very big luxury car is nicknamed the Fin King and is also ultra glamorous, known as "living room on wheels". Name the make and model? Cadillac Eldorado convertible....a symbol of all that was wrong with american cars in 60s Q (2) This car company of the Rootes Group, owned by the British Rootes Brothers, made people's cars that were very famous in the hey days of the U.K. car industry. The company is no more. It was a hit in India till the 1950's. The last model marketed in our country had a unitary or nearly a monococque body. Which car brand is this? Not sure Q(3) What is the original British model name of the great ol' Ambassador? Please give the full name.Between which years was it manufactured in the U.K.? Morris Oxford 3(1956-59)
  9. there have been more significant launches......seen for the first time ever.....i meant those
  10. Mr FRG and rest of autocar people...... i know ur magazine is called autocar......but there have been significant 2 wheeled beauties launched at auto-expo.......no report of these!!!!!! i feel you have totally neglected them....please do the needful P.S i waited quiet long for you to post before complaining...... it is sad that such a devoted reader of your magazine (who has read every issue of your magazine from its first issue.......in fact have enjoyed reading your editors articles since the time he was in auto india..then saw him become editor there and them move to Autocar) has to go to other sites to know about 2 wheeled launches
  11. i am awaiting comments from Mr Gurkha here
  12. Please don't apologize' date=' I am being overtly pessimistic on the Nano but then my experience leads me to be so unfortunately.[/quote'] was sad to see so many fights on ACF........finally happy to see the peace pipe being smoken
  13. i_see

    Chevy Captiva

    For christs sake......Its a MUV not a SUV...........look......no 4x4 even as a option!!!!!! http://www.chevroletcaptivaindia.com/comparemodels.aspx i_see2008-01-11 11:21:12