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  1. Ok. Just and update: The Indian Cruze does not have a DPF. Hence, C3 grade fuel is not required. The Mobile 1 oil they use is A5/B5 and not C3. This was confirmed by Chevrolet.
  2. Hi. I own a Cruze. It is the old model with 150ps horsepower. Does the Cruze in India come fitted with a DPF (diesel particulate filter)? The reason why I'm asking is because cars that do have this filter require a ACEA "C3" grade engine oil. As per the car manual, I need to use 5W40 ACEA C3 oil. I called up an authorised service centre - Shiva Motors in Noida to ask them since my car used to go there for servicing initially. They had no clue. I asked them to tell me which oil they use and the answer was Total Quartz 9000 5W40. The ACEA grade for this is "A3/B4". This made me think that the Cruze in India does not come with a DPF after all. Then I called up Metro Chevrolet in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. Again, they had no clue about the DPF. They however use the same oil. Then I told them that the last time I visited, they had offered me 2 engine oils. They confirmed that the other oil is Mobile 1 Super XE 3000 5W30. This costs much more. Upon checking the specs online, I found out that this does have a "C3" ACEA grade. This confuses me. I can't figure out if the Indian Cruze comes fitted with a DPF or not. If it does, then isn't the Total oil potentially harming the car? If it doesn't which is the best fuel that I can use. A quick glance at other Indian forums led me to believe the Mobile 1 Delvac 1 is a favourite when it comes to diesel cars. Thanks.