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  1. Thank you for your views, I have a few more queries. What would be the new engine in i20 like ? How much will it affect the pricing of the car? I am not too convinced about a diesel car so I will go for a petrol car. Any answers to why I cannot see the car too much on the road ?? Should I wait for Honda Jazz to be released ? Would the quality and drive of Honda Jazz be as good as i20 ?
  2. hi I am planning to buy a new car. My budget ranges from 5-6 lakh. I have been seeing different cars like swift, Sx4 and i20. I have driven the i20 and am convinced by the features and the drive of the car. Should i go for the i20 ? The thing that arises a doubt in my mind is that I dont see alot many of i20's of the road. What could be the reason for it? Thanks Rohit