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  1. On specs (features & power) ritz is behind d90. Punta is 1.5L more than d90. Last time I checked there was no discounts. I will further check its price again this saturday and post it here.
  2. Hi, This is my first post here. If anything, I should be correcting, please lemme know. I am going to buy my frist car;. The constraints are, A diesel, hatch back Cant invest too much or dont want too low Safety : 2 air bags & ABS Rear defogger (considering long journeys in early mornings) i classified cars into 3 levels, based on its power and price, And I decided i will go for the middle level. I finally chose, Sail Uva, which 8.2 lakhs (on road - Bangalore). Specs/Price it was better than all other cars in its category. I was re analyzing my decision and stumbled on Vista D90, which i had kept at top level along with punto 90 hp and i20 and is priced lesser than Sail UVA. Its 8L for ZX, and 8.4L for ZX+. (Both prices for Tata are with extended warranty) Hearing my choice(not even booked), my parents, friends all are treating me like I have committed some sin. Literally they are having a revolt against me. Most of them doesn't have any reasons, other than "its Tata". Some said about resale value, which I am not concerned. Because I don't think I will change my car in any near future. Also, you can ever buy a maruti if considering resale value. Now, Some others said about the condition of car after some years or few 10K kms. Is it true? Does it starts to fail on various elements? Will it have rattling sounds, swinging parts, failing mechanics etc...? I am not concerned about the brand, design, interior feel (which actually I liked in case of d90) etc... But I am concerned about the reliability since, I am going it to use it for a long time, really long time, and will have long journeys, Bangalore - Malappuram Kerala Please friends, need your advice so badly. Thank & Regards