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  1. yes you are right puneet they should change the name to vista as it seems to be same old indica which has a image of taxi car.
  2. @manuuj Now that's called a choice. Keep up mate.
  3. I would have preffered the CRV not just because of its engine but also because of the looks both inside-out. If you are spending 15 lakhs on a vitara it is better to spend afew lakhs more and get crv or outlander.
  4. In your budget there is only i20 above swift. If you don't like it then wait for gp or jazz and then buy a car. Till then there is no car suiting your requirements.
  5. So what, i10 can be sold also. i10 is not a nice car too.
  6. I am waiting for Fiat Bravo. Hope ACI is correct that it will launch in 2009 only. I am thinking of buying it.
  7. OUCH. Your diwali was ruine. Sorry to hear that brother.
  8. He can buy a Vista. It is spacious than i10.
  9. That Fiat Doblo looks cool. I hope it is brought in India too.
  10. Fiat will be back even in india guys. With Linea doing well and GP surely to do well.
  11. No idea mate. Even I am waiting for it.
  12. i20's engine has adequate power as per zig wheels.