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  1. I have seen lot of cars during my travel across the world and even spotted Maruti 800 in Mallorca (<?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Spain) which has ASB, Airbags and other goodies. All the Car manufacturers sell cars in India at higher price and lower standards and inferior quality. E.g. Toyota Corolla as sold in US is around 14k-16K USD with the features are either available in Camry in India. Toyota Corolla in India is around 20kUSD or more. The interiors of corolla in US and India are very much different. Why do we pay more and get lower standard cars? Recently launch Linea is 1.3 -1.5 times expensive as in Europe and engine is also less powered in India. I am not sure why bodies like AAA and any consumer forum etc raise these concerns to automobile manufacturers or they are just bodies for name sake and manufacturers enjoy their free run and collect money.
  2. Thanks @FRG for your support to upload a file containing comprehensive car info to be released in 2009 with pricing and features for members to download from let have a discussion on these cars.
  3. thanks @sudeep but the file i have is of 59 pages with images of 59 cars with their launch date, expected price and features. I wanted to share with memebers in this forum. i am sure people will love that comprehensive report.
  4. If we have a facility to upload a file in the post. i am looking forward to share some very good info on new cars in 2009 with their features and pricing and i hope that all car crazy fans will love that.
  5. i wanted to share the list of car with their tentative pricing which are coming in 2009. the file i have is in .pdf format. how do i upload in this post?
  6. Hello Headachin You can try to contact Mr. Aashish Bhardwaj at FIAL: I hope this will help you.
  7. yes, i absolutely agree with Sharash in these forums we should bring out such issues and may be we get attantion of automobile manufacturer in this case Maruti. I am not sure why sparshq is getiing cranky over this issue and protecting MS. i am not sure if he is employee of Maruti. MAruti shld optimise their production and shld not take customers for granted and gone are the days when it used to be manufacturers market, it is consumer market and consumer has evry right to raise a voice aginst injustice to them and such forums you share ideas, pains and leran from each other but atleast not pull eachother's leg. So Sparshq get up and get mature to be part of such forums.
  8. Thanks Mehul and other guys who have supported me. I have checked with numerous dealers about delivery of Dzire and alsmost all have the same version and really there is good amount balck happening. My advise to sparshq (real name not published- not sure why?) should check ground realities before coming out with his own hypothesis.
  9. Guys, I think you have taken me wrong. i am not asking for any satyagrah or agitation aginst MS. I am saying we should pass on message to Maruti that they should make system of boking and delivery of Dzire more transparent than it is. Current system is encouraging black marketing and very bad experience with dealer. if this system is more transparent then every buyer shall be happy after all he is spending his hard earned money to buy this car and i believe most of the people will be middle class people like us and waiting for long time without any info is discouraging.
  10. my idea of puting this for discussion was against a system where we are the sufferers. There is no tranparency from Maruti and their dealers. Dzire is being sold with premium by distributors and they are fooling genuine buyers. we should raise our voice against such system and Company. Remember the voice of people shook the nation after Mumbai attacks. We can bring in change if we want to.
  11. In such recession time when Automobile manufacturer are looking for customer for their Vehicles, Maruti is giving pain to its potential buyers for waiting unnecessary for 4-6 months (minimum) for DZire car. There is no proper booking numbers or follow up and buyer is on mercy of dealer. I am sure that other manufacturers like Fiat, Ford and other should reduce their price of car in competition so that people can have option for DZire and hence Maruti will learn a lesson. Also I am not sure if there is any protection under consumer law to sue manufacturer for such malpractices. I am waiting for DZire ZDI for last 2 months and I hope if we all raise voice to Maruti for such ruddy behavior we will get our cars delivered soon. Please all who are waiting for Delivery of your vehicle should raise a voice here.