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  1. was out of country. got back. just checking the thread, and also did some random search on the palio stile 1.6 sport. there's this tiny rumor that i sniffed out from the web - palio stile 1.6 is being discontinued. can anybody fill me in on this?! if this is true, i'd like to immediately take corrective steps.
  2. @nim123esh & vivekbansal11: thanks a ton for the favor. i have written to them. will wait for a few days i reckon. in the meanwhile, the dealer is following up with me for sending the written "confirmation on canceling the order"!! cant believe these people. atrocious!!
  3. i have knocked on all possible doors of the Fiat management. but silence is the answer. wonder why they cant even send an acknowledgement. pretty bad way of dealing with (aggrieved) customers i reckon.
  4. sent email to CEO. spoke to TATA Motors marketing dude, and he claims with such ease and no remorse - the car has gone into manufacturing and that i'd haven to wait for another 1 month! do they think customers are brain dead?! this is the tipping point for me. maybe i should rename this post - how to lose a loyal customer.
  5. and the CEO's corner @ www.fiat-india.com kicks up an error.
  6. when the marketing guy from TATA motors give you this quasi-governmentish attitude with ZERO customer 'friendliness' I shudder to think the importance of FIAT in the much hy(o)ped TATA-FIAT JV. @ Durango Dude: I am so tortured by the dealer attitude that Iam slowly veering towards taking the money back n buying another car. but unfortunately I don't seem to come across a hatch with a hot engine having 100bhp under it's 1.6l hood.
  7. you know what is the strangest thing? just spoke to a marketing dude from TATA Motors and he confirms that he'd "confirm" the engine number and the chassis number tomorrow. isnt it a bit strange that they are confirming this after waiting for 2 months?! now i wonder when exactly did the dealer place the order with FIAT motors?
  8. @coolboy: i did write to mr.rajeev kapoor, and the ripple effect was felt by the dealer, since salesperson from the dealer called me up the same day and gave me an update. he asked why had to write an email to fiat. and he even asked me to give an update to mr. rajeev kapoor about how "co-operative" the dealer has been!! i still have a lot of passion for the brand, thats why am still patiently waiting.
  9. Delivery Woes iam one of the most ardent and passionate follower of the fiat brand. an (ex) fiat car owner. and a pure fiat loyalist!! though i have started this mail on a positive note, i would like to steer it to the other end. i had owned a fiat palio for over 6 years, and had driven for over 120, 000kms. was so impressed and happy about the car and the very experience of owning a fiat brand, that i recently booked another fiat palio sport inspite of stiff 'resistance' and jibes from friends, colleagues and relatives. inspite of warnings that "they havent changed" yet, but my passion and love for the brand made me think otherwise. and thus started my heartburns, woes and bad or rather horrible experiences with the touchpoints of fiat brand, namely the dealer (concorde motors, mumbai) and the marketing team from tata motors. i had booked this car way back on the 23rd feb 2009 and was assured delivery in 2-3 weeks time. accordingly i paid the booking amount and even the stipulated 3/4ths the amount of the car. but surprise!! till date nobody (neither from the dealer's side nor from the TATA MOTORS marketing) can confirm when the car would be delivered to me. apart from paying two EMIs for the loan, and shifting my personal travel plans in anticipation of taking delivery of the car, i have had to deal with so many related problem. i have been constantly following up with the dealer and getting all kinds of responses which make me feel bad for two reasons - obviously because my car is being delayed forever. the other reason being how the fiat brand is being stomped at. and i have got some of the bizzarest reasons, some of them being: - the car is not being produced. - if it was not being produced, then why did the dealer take the booking?! - there is no red paint!! are we talking of some down-the-road garage or is it THE italian auto giant called FIAT we are talking about? - the evergreen reason being we dont know what fiat is doing!! excuse me?!! is FIAT India processes in such a mess that their dealers dont have a clue or is Concorde motors in such a mess that they havent got their act together? too much of a slip between the cup and lip!! and they are even ready to return the money!! in this age of economic downturn and recession, when a customer falls into your lap, you are trying to shoo him away?! is that recessionary stupidity? its extremely sad that fiat india inspite of having some real good products, dont seem to be keen on selling it. or is fiat india so possessive about their products and that they arent keen on sharing it?! a perfect case of how to kill the enthusiasm of driving a brand new car.