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  1. Ford Escort, Fords one of the best vehicle long back, was one of the iconic car in Indian car market. Quite muscular in design with a feeling of luxury, simply made it a combination of male thing and one of the quick choice for car lovers. hope to see this new beast on roads soon !!!
  2. Looking to the pics , the car can make a nice debut in the small car segment. Interesting competing with it main rival Maruti Alto 800. Since Renault has occupied good market share with the grand success of duster, entering small car aka entry car level market can strengthen its roots in indian car market. But for really making a worth debut in the market, renault has to develop strong ASS network so as to compete with market giant MS and hyundai !!!
  3. looking forward to your needs and budget i would suggest a compact suv will be a good option . Looking to market scenario you have two major players renault duster and ford eco sports. Compact SUV can be useful for both on road daily drives and off roads outings plans. At the same time spending 9 lakhs for a hatchback wont be a good option, better move with a compact SUV !!
  4. The all new member of hyundai family seems a midliner between i10 and i20. It can fetch the people as it has inherited looks of both market strong contender. As per talks it will be coming with 3-cylinder 1L engine and 4-cylinder 1.2L engine, quite similar to the old i10 change can be seen only in reference to the looks,size and offcourse space.
  5. @desiibond since your running is not that much then i would suggest you to go for petrol varient ,as it will be economic on your pocket too.. Now abt the music system, the loaded music systems are never that effective. personally suggesting go for JBL rear in built woofer speakers and if you want more bass feel then go for subwoofer too . The appx. costing for speakers will be around 5k max. and if you go for sub woofer add another 10k to it !
  6. Few days back we got a post from one of the owner of Force One stating it to be a pathetic vehicle in SUV segment. pls. refer the forum topics. I would personally suggest to go for storme as the new safari strome is indeed a real SUV. dont compare it with older models of safari. Scorpio being dated now still own a good share in this segment. If you want to go for SUV then you need to compromise on 3rd row seating option. XUV500 is also well tested and nice option and owner are really satisfied with the performance of the vehicle. If you want comfort for all 3 rows with baisc power and ease handling go for ertiga, innova, aria !!!
  7. @desiibond Toyota Etios,the Q class segment as advertised by Toyota is worth for the money. The car is spacious and interiors being basic but the main car fundamentals like engine, transmission and power that the car delivers is really appreciable. Personally comparing toyota with Amaze is not a good options. I would suggest you should go for 1.5 L petrol engine compared to 1.2L engine of amaze. else you can go for Ford Classic. Now focussing on your query for petrol/diesel varient, if your travel involves more than 1000km /month then the diesel will soot your pocket else go for petrol varient and as such now there's very small variation in the price difference. Now in reference to your music system , i would suggest if you are buying top end varient then the car come loaded with the music system. incase you are music freak like me then you can go for JBL in build woofer rear speakers and if you want more bass then opt them with JBL sub woofer. They will surely drive you crazy !!!
  8. This is sheer excellence !! The E -series something really exceptional from Merc. I can feel the delight that you have got while driving it on F1 track. the perfect way to test this beauty !! I wish i could be there to witness its launch !!! Anyways ...keep it up and keep going ahead !!!
  9. Seriously the looks are far more better than maruti D zire..It is compact sedan, but not so compact as d zire from rear !! the car can be a good option as an entry to the sedan segment. Anyways still lot to go as we need to check the response that Datsun Go hatchback receive from the market.
  10. Certainly with such a long waiting period this is surely gonna help duster to keep the ongoing pace of its sales in the market. Also with such a long waiting period the car will be able to make a remarkable impact on the market but to compete with the sales of its main rival , is something difficult to comment upon !!
  11. Ambassador since long time has been an iconic figure. It may be the black one that are driven by top defense officials or the white one driven by the top govt. officials and bureaucrats, it makes a different style statement while running on the roads !! Comparing Amby with other luxurious car is not a good option. Amby is total differenct segment car, the one that comes with a pride and prestige that one owns in the society. Chaueffeur driven Amby is something that cant be compared with other luxurious varients !!! Since the new of launch of Amby hatchback is difficult to digest. If it would have been on totally new platform then atleast we can expect something new coming in the market but since the car is going to be developed on the same platform, cant imagine what impact it is going to create on the hatchback segment. Hindustan Motors should go for R&D of developing the existing model with somewhat uplift interiors. Since the other car makers have done the same with their iconic models and have made a good impact in the market. On an whole the image that Amby possess in the market cant be experimented with launching of such hatchbacks !!!!
  12. Civic, all time luxury with a nice price tag ! Indeed the new looks are quite similiar to the other avtars of Honda family. the rear is some what similar to Honda accord with tail lights streched till the number plate. Anyways civic stands at good place in the Indian auto market, with this make over hope it can uplift more !!!
  13. Seeing the spy pics, the only thing that can describe this new member of Hero Motocop family is disproportinate styling. Hero did the same thing with ZMR with such a muscular and bulky body hero is giving very skinny tyres that indirectly affected the entire looks of the bike. The same is seen in this bike also. Bike makers in India need to go for proper proportionate assembly so as to attract the youth. This is like you buy a bike assembly and get the tyres changed to give it sporty feeling ! Instead if company itself start manufacturing proportionate structured bikes much rise in the sales can be expected !
  14. Ford Eco Sport standing upto the expected result. Current figures saying that the booking has crossed 30000 units. This is indeed a very good start to Ford and this might help ford in grabing good percentage of market in the compact SUV segment. The figures can easily reflect that the news of recall of diesel varient has been overshadowed and people are keen to grab one !!! Ford indeed is having a good time to mark its presence again !!!
  15. Hatch backs !!! The best way to start is to start with the topic centre itself ! These days it can be seen a lot new cars in all the segment being rolled out. Whether it is sedan segment, to bit lower costing luxury brands or new segment of compact SUV or the all time ruler Hatch backs !! in every upcoming months we can see something unique being rolled out by the automakers. Focusing on the hatchback, it may be maruti suzuki or nissan or hyundai something new is rolled out in the market in short spans. The latest of all these can be the Datsun brand of Nissan, then has made a comeback after almost 32 years !! with the launch of it hatchback Datsun Go !! The car is priced below 4 lakhs. Since the car is priced with beginners price tag it might give a neck on neck competition to maruti's alto, alto k10, wagon r hyundai i10 !!! Since the technical specification are still not revealed , much can be talked only after the reveal of detailed tech specs. Talking apart the car brand is not new in the market it is just a recall of the old respected brand of Nissan, hence we can expect some healthy competition from DatSun Go in the market of small car segment !!