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  1. Congrats!! I am a fan of Royal Enfields, though I dont own one. The road presence and the unmistakable thump sets it apart. The chrome looks super cool.

    If the Machismo's get the twin spark technology, will it alter the thump from the silencer? I ask this because the Thunderbirds with Twinspark have a totally different noise.


  2. Hi Rohan, i would recommend Fiesta 1.6 among the 2 cars u've listed. Ford's maintanence costs would be high though.


    If you are open to other models as well, then consider the Maruti SX4 and the Honda City. Both are good value for money and are better than the 2 models u've listed in most parameters.



  3. I feel the main reason for the huge difference in the sales figures of the 2 cars is the cost of service and the spare parts.

    Maruti's service network is the second to none.


    The Getz as mentioned is more practical than Swift and has a better build too.


    i20 would be placed a step above the Getz and would compete with the Skoda Fabia and the Honda Jazz.

  4. Hi, i'm looking to purchase a gearless 2 wheeler for college use. Which one is better among these - Activa or Dio.


    Some points to note:

    1) I've not driven bikes to a large extent so far. Not an expert rider. 

    2) Need a bike with a good ride and easy handling.

    3) I prefer it to be well planted during emergency braking. Should offer good grip.

    4) I didn't consider Aviator because, i feel it looks a bit girly.



  5. I see a lot of opinions among the members whether this is the new Honda City or not.

    Can this be the new car that Mitsubishi-HM has promised to launch by October this year. I feel the Mitsubishi badge would be more appropriate for the car as it doesn't look like a Honda smiley2.gif.