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  1. Hi, i too love the good old Opel Astra. The most lovable aspect about the car is its solid build. The way the chunky doors shut says it all. I would say its like a mini Skoda smiley2.gif.


    My uncle owned an Astra 1.6 MPFI, Silver colour. It was great fun to drive it. Now he has replaced it with a Toyota Corolla.

  2. Hi, it seems like there are some differences among members whether the car in the picture is the new Honda City. Some wild guesses are already present smiley36.gif.

    I hope this is not the final product from Honda. The design is not at all comparable to the striking Civic or even the existing City smiley3.gif.


    Hoping Honda would give us a car that scores well overall.

  3. Hi as pointed out by Autocar India, in the April issue, Mitsubishi would be launching the new Lancer by early 2009. It would be available in both petrol and diesel smiley32.gif. I personally feel the diesel would be the trump card.


    The Mitsu EVO is also on its way, but would cost around 35 lacs smiley3.gif, since it would be a direct import. This would boost the company's image.


    If i am the 'President' for Mitsubhi India, i would plonk a diesel engine into Cedia to boost its sales smiley2.gif.

  4. i was thinking which is the best new car in the 10 lac budget......... wasn't it?

    its not mentioned whether new or old.....anyways my other choice would be used ford mustang....


    Hi, i meant the best new car you can get in India for 10 lacs. I am sorry if my post wasn't clear enough.


    I hope this would clear the doubts and the future posts would follow this condition.

    Please give only one option (Not this car or that one).



  5. Hi guys, assume u've got 10 lakh rupees and you need to buy a car. Which one would you go for.


    Its not necessary that you should spend the entire amount, so, your car can be from any segment, but only one car is allowed.


    It can be either diesel or petrol.


    I request you to give just one choice (Not this or that)


    Type in your choice and the reason(s) for you to choose that.



  6. I am not sure about the service quality of Mahindra, cause I dont own any of their cars. Let a Logan owner reply to that.


    Coming to Getz, u've reported a genuine problem. I request you to test drive the current Getz to see if there is any improvement in seat hieght.

    You said you have driven the 1.3 ltr petrol. Drive the 1.5 Crdi diesel to experience the power. Its a road rocket.

  7. Hi, out of the three cars that u've listed, the Logan would be the right choice. It can comfortably seat 5 and also returns a decent mileage. If you can do with the boxy looks, then go for it.


    The other car I would suggest is the Hyundai Getz Crdi. Its got the best engine in its segment and is quite roomy too. Since you are not particular of buying a sedan, this car is stands a good chance.


    The Swift and the Dezire are modern cars, but they lack interior space which I understand, is a priority for you.


    As you mentioned, Mahindra and Renault have already withdrawn their partnerships. There wont be any future MahindraRenault cars, though the Logan would be produced and serviced by Mahindra. 'I want the other members to correct me if  I am wrong.'

  8. Hi, any idea when the SkodaAuto India will offer a new facelifted Octavia? The current car has been around for 8 yrs and badly needs a makeover to look fresh.


    Hope they make the car look more stunning and tweak the 1.9TDI engine to match the ferocious Chevy's TDCI unit.

  9. Hi, if u can extend your budget and dont mind the servicing cost then go for the Skoda Fabia. "More for More" is what Skoda promises. U get a solidly built car with loads of goodies. The engine is where Skoda looses to Swift.


    Fabia's 3 cylinder unit is noisy when compared to the super silent MultiJet engine. But both these engines are frugal and efficient.


    If your decision comes from your heart u'll go for the Skoda Fabia and if it comes from your mind u'll go for the Suzuki Swift.

  10. Hi, though i did not visit the Auto Expo, i got lot of info from the news channels and the car&bike shows. The cars that caught my attention were:


    Skoda Fabia,

    Fiat 500,

    New Honda Accord, Jazz,

    Maruti A star, Splash,

    Bmw M3 coupe,

    New Merc Benz C class,

    Chevrolet Captiva.

  11. Hi adi,


    I too love SKODA.


    Though not a proud owner of a Skoda, i've had the oppurtunity to use my uncle's Octavia 1.9 TDI Rider for a month. The car had covered above 75000 kms, but to my disbelief there was not a single rattling noise inside the cabin. The way the solid doors shut was amazing.


    The engine was great and was a pleasure to drive in the Chennai city. I loved the turbo whistle. The gear shift was spot on.  Sadly in that one month i was not able to drive it on a highway.


    Hoping to become a happy owner of Skoda soon..


  12. Hi, i dont think without any reason, Autocar would give the Skoda Fabia 9/10 inspite of the diesel motor being a bit noisy. 


    It has also mentioned "Skoda's super hatch is in a class of its own" in the front cover. Its really not fair to compare the Fabia with Swift and the Getz.


    Yes, according to an average Indian mindset, paying more than 5 lacs for something without a seperate boot is considered a waste. But in the case of the Fabia, we get lots of goodies for the so called extra money, which is not even common to big sedans.


    As far as i know, in India Skoda's are known for its superior buid quality of its interiors, safety with fully galvanized body and the unbelievable mileage. So there is no reason for Skoda not carrying over these to the new Fabia too.


    Ofcourse, the spare parts prices of a Maruti cannot be matched by a Skoda. Whoever can afford it go ahead with the Skoda and for the others, just sit back and admire.


    Do not believe anybody's words, Fabia would be launched in a couple of days. Go test drive it. Its the only possible way to clear the argument.

  13. Hi Vishnu, great pictures. It sure looks much bigger than the hatches we have today. It looks like a mini Innova. Hope HONDA introduces a diesel variant. This car would definitely take the hatches benchmark to the next level.


    Would be interesting to see how the Skoda Fabia and the Honda Jazz would compete..

  14. Hi i drive Maruti Suzuki Baleno Vxi (2004 model).


    I love its frugal 1600cc mpfi engine. It belts out 94 bhp and develops a healthy torque of 132Nm at very low revs. The engine is also fuel efficient, it gives 10kmpl (in city) and 15.5kmpl (in highway).


    Baleno's A/C is one of the best and the rear seat comfort is excellent.


    I'm not a fan of Baleno's interiors. Its also does not have the best build quality and is comparitively a lightweight car.