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  1. when i switch off the ignation the setting saved it is only vanished when i take off the key from the key hole.
  2. I have a JVC XG700 double din music system fitten in my Chevrolet U-VA Car. The system is good but i am facing a real problem from day one. the setting of the music system did not saved, like when i set the clock, screen display, brass, trebble like sound effect it is not saved and when i take off the car key all setting got vanished. Any one can help me out.
  3. Which model of Garware sunfilm is best and also RTO approved ?
  4. Hi all What are the products available in the market to clean the car interior including dashboard, seat, door trim and interior pastic. Please give some idea about the cleaning of the interior.
  5. Ok , thanks , now I am thinking for 3M. I will install it when i next visit the service centre. Apart from this can you please suggest anything to keep the interier cool. I think seat cover has a important role here so please suggest what kind of seat cover should be used so that the interier of the car will somhow cool.
  6. Thanks. Even also the glasses are tinted it is very much difficult to seat and drive in summer afternoon. Is there any remedy to avoid the sun glare or control the sunglare without breaking any traffic rule (As in most part fully black tinted glass is not allowed).
  7. In Chevrolet U-VA LT specification it is written as "Tinted glass with windshield top band" that means whether all glasses are tinted or only front windshield? Please clear me about it.
  8. What is the meaning of "Tinted glass with windshield top band" and how much it is useful in car ?
  9. ya I also thought like u. But as i do not use any so i am confused. Can u please tell me some known brand, i am ready to spend anything around 1500
  10. I have a U-VA of cashmere metallic color. There r some scratches there ar the right front bumper. how to remove it? can the spray paint from com-paint do it?
  11. Sorry, as nobody answer my query i have to post a new one. i have told that the original seat cover will become dirty after somtime as i am leaving in a dusty area. Sombody suggest me for PU seats cover. Please suggest me some goo sesat cover between 5k to 6 k
  12. I want to purchase a vaccum cleaner for my car. I have saw so many models in internet web sites like ebay, inriarimes shopping sites. there are so many model which is run in car charger. Is the vaccum cleaner are reliable and effective? does it effect the car battery when use in car charger. As the models are very cheap around Rs500.00, some are also Rs300 I have some doubt about it. Please suggest to get a good vaccum cleaner for my car.
  13. Hi Please guide me to choose right seat cover for my Aveo U-VA car. My budget is anything between 5 to 6 thousand.
  14. Hi I have brought a new Aveo U-VA LT OP in January 2009. I want to have new seat cover for it. Please guide me to choose right seat cover. My budget is anything between 5 to 6 thousand.