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  1. Hie evryone , my friend from UK will be arriving soon , and he wants to buy a car , no budget as such , running would be above 1000 kms and below 1500 kms a month , he wants to go for diesel , new or used , his choices are WagonR 06 model - used Innova G1 05 , 06 - used Verna D Base 07 - used Fiesta D Zxi 06 - Used Honda city 05 , 06 New Swift Dzire LDi New Swift Vdi New Swift LDi New Plaio MJD SDE FRG , what do you think ?? also other forum memebr plz pour in your suggestions regards, Priya
  2. Friend Confused!

    ok, So Fiat Palio is ruled out. as this might be 1st car for him , i think the used car would be better i was thinking about the Used Innova or a used santro or wagonR ( 06 model ) als the used Verna , but he doesnot want to spend more on insuarnce! and maintenence. Any suggestions? even i am looking for some good ones , but bieng a car knower , myself am confused with too many options , so just wanting to know your opinion , final opinion would be Mine! Regards, Priya
  3. Friend Confused!

    his family is having a swift ZXi , and probably wouldnt like to go for swift dzire or swift again , any other beter options, he is very keen about the reale balue , so will the palio d hold a good resale value , i mean almost near to swift D? Plz advice regards, priya
  4. ugly d'zires??

    i too Like the dzire , but i like the swift better! , lol, ! i m awaiting my dzire Zxi , its bound to be delvered within 2 weeks! regards, Priya
  5. anybody havin prob in skoda laura

    i doont own a Skoda , but dads friends did , and they had regualr problems and maintainence was very high! Regards, priya
  6. If you have 10 lacs..

    i would get my self the Honda civic by paying 2 lakhs more or if its strict 10 then the City Vtec Rgrds, prya
  7. Indigo CS with DICOR engine

    its priced around 40k costlier than the present TDi Rgrds, Priya
  8. Swift Sedan (Dzire) Test Drive Report

    actually the VDi or the VXi has the Music system , BC Door handles and ORVMS but it lakhs the ACC , alloys , wider tyres , ABS and dual airbags since my running is low i decided for the petrol and my friend is having a swift Diesel Vdi already, there is around 2 - 3months waiting for petrol Dzire and 4 - 6 months for Diesel dzire. btw which color did you book for ? Regards, Priya
  9. Radials for Indigo?

    i would suggest you to go for the bridestone Potenza G 3 Tubeless , 2nd option would be the michilin followed by good year Regards, priya
  10. Indigo CS with awesome looks !!!

    Indigo CS front looks exactly like the indica and rear is pretty good , but pricing isnt very good enough , anyone would spend a lakh more and get the Dzire LDi Regards, Priya
  11. Swift Sedan (Dzire) Test Drive Report

    @ rajeev the Dzire VDi Costs 6.6 lakhs on road in mangalore , and i dont think it costs above 6.7 in bangalore , i feel you should go ahead with the Dzire Vdi , infact i too have booked a Dzire that is Silver ZXi it costed me 6.5 lakhs on road , very busy with exams and all those stuffs Regards, Priya
  12. TYRES??

    Recently my friend changed his tyres on his swift to bridgestone My other friend wants to know about the tyres on her Santro Xing XS . she wants to change and also upgrade slightly , would 165/65 R 13 will be good or 165 / 60 R 13 ? She also wants to know a decent brand , i recomended the Bridgestone , but its slightly priced above the good year and MRf of around 300 rs The point is Is bridgestone really worth for the 300 rs extra than the Good Year or Jk or MRF And between the 3 which one would be the best one , the MRF , Good Year or JK , also suggest some other good brands in the same price Regards, Priya
  13. Crash Safety?

    Well what do you all think about best crash safety car. in economical hatches- Alto, Spark, WagonR, Santro, Indica, Palio stile , Zen Estilo. in Premium Hatch Swift , Getz prime , UVA In sedans - Indigo , Logan ,Fiesta ,Aveo ,SX4 , Verna , City ZX .
  14. TATA Winger

    tata Has launched it new Winegr it looks good for a Joint family and also Feel like having a ride in it with friends and Enjoy , do anyone know anythign about its features , technical specs and Pricing??? regards, Priya
  15. Rhino MUV @ 6 Lacs

    I read in the newspaper than Rhino has launched a MUV in India and it costs from 6 lacs rs , anybody have any good info , specs and features and pricing of this MUV ???? Regards, priya
  16. Next Car

    guys i have almost decided to buy a car for myself and that will be 3 in our home , dad - civic , bro -swift mine ......? well i had been given a strict budget of 2 lakh rs , and i saw a few list of used car which was given by my friend and there were 3 options the santro Xing XP Black 03 - 2.00 ,03 Corsa 1.4 GSi - 1.95 , the Palio 1.9 D ELX black 03 EL - 2.2 well Dint like to go for palio D 03 model as it had probs Santro was gonna be a good choice but i thougt for the same price i can get sedan my running is around 600 - 800 kms per month , and on the basis of this i have almost selected on buying the Used CORSA 1.4 03 model well it would be of great help if you could suggest me about the maintenence and service costs of Corsa and Santro My Another Querry is The tyres need to be changed and what size tyres would be perfect for CORSA ? i think the orignal tyres of corsa is 175 / 70 R 13 Please Advice As soon as possible Regards, Priya
  17. Hey good detailed review of an unexpcted car Regards, Priya
  18. Wagon R or Santro?

    I think you should go with the WagonR VXI or else go for the hyundai i10 Era or Magna Regards, Priya
  19. TYRES??

    Gaurav , i wont be upsizing to such an extenet maybe 10mm more , for Corsa ( if i am buying ) 185 / 70 R13 And for santro it should be the 165 / 60 or 165 / 65 R 13 Regards, Priya
  20. Next Car

    Well i dint say the Used Corolla for 2 lakhs , but i can extend my budget to whichever extent , say 6 lakhs , hope i get a goood used corola of 03 year or after that , also searching for good city ZX Well anything isnt Finialised yet , also busy with my studies , will try my level best to keep you all updated , thanks Regards, Priya
  21. Next Car

    How about the Used Santro Xing XS , or Used corola or the 2 yr old City ZX ? Regards, Priya
  22. TYRES??

    Well Forum Members my another Querry is That tyres of my ongoing next car CORSA need to be changed and what size tyres would be perfect for ? i think the orignal tyres of corsa is 175 / 70 R 13 i want slightly wider tyres Please Suggest Regards, priya
  23. TYRES??

    Ok Thanks SGIITK , she has decided to go for 5 new good year 165/65 R 13 tyres Regards, Priya
  24. TYRES??

    Btw , i still dint get the proper answer for my querry yet Regards, priya
  25. Mahindra renault woes

    if not logan wait for the Swift Sedan Regards, Priya