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  1. need your Serious Advice.

    But how will the Aftermarket LPG doo. and what mailge will it give in city and highway with AC on. and will it have any effect on the engine after sometime. well i am getting the RTo approved one. what do u suggest should i go ahead with WagonR VXi ABS and LPG or some good Sedan with Airbags and good fuel efficiency at around 7 lacs
  2. diwali dhamaka offer on esteem

    well i think you can check the offers of Maruti from this website well its helps mee and it may help you in knowing the sales schemes of this month in your city and your car. cheers!!!
  3. Yes dont simply land into unnecesarry Trouble. if you are safe you will be satisfied and will not have any guilty feelings. a agree with FuelRUNGOD.
  4. hello every1

    Thank you very much FRG and Sumit. i hope i may enjoy here . well thanks a lot.
  5. Esteem vs Accent !!!!

    Then why dont u try the Hatch back. that is Swift???????
  6. Ask your Uncle about it as he will have a good idea about it. soo now if you get green signal from your uncle then do it in THANE but if he says some problem may occur then do has he advices.
  7. Laura vs Accord

    Laura is more stylish and cute actually its big than Octi but looks cute and small than the heavy Octi. i think Laura is Best in Diesel and Accord best in petrol League.
  8. optra magnum or octavia

    Optra Magnum is truely a delight . but i dont understand why Chevrolet guys have changed only the Front portion of the car and not touched rear Portion. but anyway its quite good in all aspects.
  9. Help Required!!

    If safety is your Key then ask your friend to goo for old used car. it makes sense to carry some stuffs and people in the village whereas Bike will not be that useful for these things. anyway let him think properly and decide.
  10. Why is Hyundai Elantra is an underdog...

    Yes the New Elantra will be launched soon and its looks are like that of the Corolla. it could give good stiff competition for Optra Magnum Diesel and Corolla.
  11. Vote your best!!!!!!

    well i voted for Pulsar .
  12. Esteem vs Accent !!!!

    ohh Sumit i think its because some of the test drive people drive rash. and of course esteem is cramped when compared with accent . but i heard some one in this forum telling that if we wait for some time maruti will come with huge offers ffor esteem and it may come upto rs 80k discount . letz wait and see however Maruti may soon come out with still mroe better offers for esteem and by then it may be a good buy.
  13. i will Vote for DDIs i think its better than the CRDi in terrms of technology and fuel efficiency .
  14. Getz Overpriced!!!

    yes even i agree with mndvishnu that Getz is overpriced . people will be looking for Value for money car not overpriced value!!!
  15. Need help to decide which new car to buy?

    my thinking about these cars are - UVA - Nice Spacious , good improved Gear box, best ground clearance of 188 mm better than any hatchback. Getz Prime 1.1 - good decent milage , competitive pricing overall good but Engine lacks Frill. the engine is same of that of Santro Xing so it produces only 67 BHp Swift- Good powerful engine folowed by a decent milage and decent space is overall a Practical car. but interiors looks dull and lots of blind spots at the rear too. Soo its upto Ramesh to test drive these 3 cars . every people has difeerent liking soo we will see which car he will like out of these 3 after his test drive. please also gives us the updates mr ramesh. PRYA
  16. Best premium luxury car!!!

    i will go for Volkswagen Passat.