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  1. he he .... , yeh this happened in Mangalore a long time Ago which was at the time of our test drive..... i and my friend tested it and then i booked , but after some days after our test drive , poor Dzire fell into the river , after my friend (mnd) told me the news about this demo Dzire , i could not stopp laughing as you all , like what was the driver doing , such high speed and hand brake regards, priya
  2. Fabia and Fusion is good in its own ways , as one is like a mini SUV and the other super Hatch , i vote for Fabia as its very stylish and cute , but many of my friends who owns a skoda octavia and laura always complained about the too expensive maintenance cost and spares as BS n Mndvishnu suggested you , i too advice you to wait for the hyundai i20...... Regards, Priya
  3. good pics and good work BS ........... but soemhow i dont like this motorcross. Regards, priya
  4. its the name Nissan with 4 doors that all......... Regards, priya
  5. the Engine performance of the City is simply too good , but styling hasnt been impressive , but rest everything seems to be good, but to me it isnt the Civic jr , but a newer and better city with bad styling Regards, Priya
  6. really this is wonderful , it must have been great , any member of here personally had gone to visit this show??any ACI guys?? regards, prya
  7. Honda civic is better to , not just because i own it , but the ride and handling and the AT version Styling is better with the civic , Corolla however has been improved but still Civic has and edge over the civic is what i feel Regards, priya
  8. hey this looks fantastic Vibhor , thanks , Crzue really looks great too , the present magnums styling wasnt good , and this one roccks for sure , especially not to mention the Diesel, and it looks like my civic but front end is too sporty as well , cmon chevy bring this beauty to India faaast. Regards, Priya
  9. i am really lucky , i got the S variant Manual last year , the E has been a sad move i wonder why the discontinued the S it was selling very well , lucky me Regards, Priya
  10. my Civics got delivered on 12th May 2007. Regards, Priya
  11. go for the Fiesta S , its looks stylish n cool both are same whereas Fiestas milage is better than verna rgrds, Priya
  12. the engine looks fresh alright and 80 Bhp seems to be too good , nice move from Hyundai finally , between when are they gonna launch the Diesel Version ?? regards, priya
  13. i feel the CRv Manual trans or the new Accord should be a better choice ,incase diesel then go for the Captiva or the Sonata Emebera. my dads colleagues had Laura n Octy , but they were sick of the servicing of Skoda and the servicing cost ,they are simply too much , so better go with the Hyundai. regards, Priya
  14. pryas

    New Logan

    i had a good long test drive in the Logan Diesel recently and i felt it a bit underpowered , interiors were not of good quality though the Cabin was roomy and Spacious. i somehow dint like the boring looks of the logan from all sides. but one thing is for sure , the m&m are trying hard to sell the logan coz they are facing a stiff competition from the Dzire n others, i say instead of adding these goodies they should also give it a better styling in order to improve sales. regards, priya
  15. does anybody know why the pricing is soo high ? i never imagined 500 to be priced at this range.,i t isnt a mini cooper, isnt it. Regards, priya
  16. the Swift has the same engine of the esteem cause its new , i mean to say for the new esteem they had introduced the G series engine versions( thats what my friend said me ) the WagonR , is still using the older F series Engine ,. whereas the SX4 is using the M series engine. maybe that might be the reason for maruti to keep the same 1.3 G series engine on the Swift and the Dzire , maybe lets hope they get the 1.2 L petrol engine , this could make the Swift still mroe cheaper , however maruti have started the 1.2 L engine production for the Splash ( corect me if wrong) , having the same engine in the swift would make better sense Regards, Priya
  17. Lets hope they make more changes than what we saw on the pics posted. Regards, priya
  18. i say the Indigo Cs is an Ok buy , if you cannot buy the Swift , then go for the Indigo CS LS TDi , DICOR is costly and not worth it, i saw the CS , the front looks are like the indica and rear looks cute with a small boot! go for it yaar. Regards, Priya
  19. welcome in for the Show , showstoppper , have a nice time n enjoy here. Regards, Priya
  20. mines simple - Priya - name , S - Surname. omitted the i in the name priya and gave it as prya+s so pryas. @Rssh , i know your name regards, priya
  21. just a minor facelift , i hope they have introduced the clear surround headlights. alloys dont look soo good as the earlier one , are you sure that these pics were snapped in India? Regards, Priya
  22. actually what did that guy hit , i never expected the merc to be soo feeble n fragile., i feel really sad , by looking at the pics Drive safe everyone , no acrobats pleaseeee!!! Regards, Priya
  23. i feel the captiva would be a better buy than the Endy. endy looks ruthless and agressive , i think the endy comes with 4WD and Captiva only with 2WD , if 4WD is necesary and you get 4WD in Endy go for endy , if not then captiva is better. Regards, Priya
  24. ok, So Fiat Palio is ruled out. as this might be 1st car for him , i think the used car would be better i was thinking about the Used Innova or a used santro or wagonR ( 06 model ) als the used Verna , but he doesnot want to spend more on insuarnce! and maintenence. Any suggestions? even i am looking for some good ones , but bieng a car knower , myself am confused with too many options , so just wanting to know your opinion , final opinion would be Mine! Regards, Priya