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  1. Looks good , by te way whats the specs and features and pricing ??? Regards, Priya
  2. pryas

    Scorpio Woes

    needless to say very true Gurkha regards, Priya
  3. i would dump my ideas on both safari 2.2 and scorpio m hawk , i would rather go for the happily contented Innova , after a year or so we all know the true color of the scorpio or the safari so what is there to say or speak?? Regards, Priya
  4. They say White color holds the best resale value but it depends , by the way which car have you selected?? regards, Priya
  5. pryas


    I think even the Civic fares good , must be around 3 nd half or 4 regards, Priya
  6. Why not the FOrd Fusion diesel ?? or the Mahindra Scorpio CRDe LX ?? i am sure these are the tw cars tht are better and bigger than the Indigo Marina and much spacious and good mutli utility vehicle Regards, Priya
  7. Some cops here in Mangalore use the Plain Hero Honda something and some use the White Pulsar regards, Priya
  8. In Mangalore if you get the chance in same alphabet series you got to pay 7 - 8k rs if te number not available in the Same series you ggot to pay 25k rs , well some Mangalore Crazy number freakies go and get registered thier car some where in North Karnataka like KA 47 , KA 52 and all those places for the sake of number as these number not avaible here even paid 25k rs Regards, priya
  9. hi Muxy , which color is your swift ZXi , kms run and price qouting and which city in kerala u registered it ??? Regards, priya
  10. good one harry regards, Priya
  11. as you do only 13k kms per year i dont think the Vdi is really advisable , i think you should go in for the Petrol one either the LXi or the Vxi , if u plan to incraese your ANual kms to 15k then buy VDi or LDi Regards, Priya
  12. yup , Happy , cheerful and a colorful new year to all our forum members and readers Regards, Priya
  13. you are right Buying a used car from true value is good but selling is good only if you are buying a new car from them and you get good exchange bonus Regards, Priya
  14. pryas

    Cars 4 cops

    Police officials here mangalore mostly use the Jeep and the higher officials use the Lancer Regards, Priya
  15. Hi there Raj , good to see you here , hoping some good posts from you Regards, Priya
  16. Toyota Innova 2.5 Diesel is my pick of the Lot Regards, Priya
  17. the Merc is the best suited and what are you waiting for ?? anyone who gets a merc C class for just 50 k more than the Sonata would go whtso ever so you should go for the Merc Regards, Priya
  18. Yup alloys are standard in i10 Magna O variant Regards, Priya
  19. pryas


    its pretty much same and we indians shud be lucky that atleats they sell thier new products liek the Civic and new accord in india as soon as it wa slaunched world wide , well its almost the same with othe rcra manufacturers and Honda is good regards, priya
  20. Hey dude were do you stay may be the VDI has the best milege CRDi is a killer .If you buy anyone sell your ZXI to me seriously. I stays in bglr. But the car is registered at kerala. I really like in swift is its looks. I am not a fan of gets (look) either. I think I may finalize with swift VDi. If nothing changes I may trade in ma old swift this coming week...... Thanx for all your help./. Hey congrats on your new car , great choice of swift Vdi , as suggested earlier by someone go for wider tyres of the ZXi and the Aura or the Plati aloys will just looks great on your swift , which color did you go for ?? Happy and safe motoring Regards, Priya
  21. you are right Sir , thats good of you to raise it here so that we can manage to follow it , regards, Priya
  22. the Verna is the hot deisel car in its segment and would advice you to go in for the verna d anyday rather than the fiesta and fabia , if you can stretch your busget try the optra magnum diesel Regards, priya
  23. Innova i the all time favorite , and hwo wudnt want an innova in thier top of thier list Regards, Priya
  24. pryas


    i love the green ( mint ) which is not available now , it looked cool , my next choice would be the white followed by the orange regards, Priya