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  1. yup i love fancy numbers like 9999 r something like ending with double 1 , 2 or any number but double regards, Priya
  2. i voted for pulsar 200 Regards, Priya
  3. Scorpio isnt very good , the optra magnum will be the best buy so i think you shud go ahead with the optra magnum diesel Regards, Priya
  4. Swift Diesel will be the Best buy Regards, Priya
  5. Dear rahul, The Cedia will be the best buy if you dont mind the running costs inacse your running is above 800 Kms go for the LPG CEDIA Regards, Priya
  6. pryas

    Swift MOD job

    hey reds, are you going this mod job only for the swifts or all the other cars like Civic , Zen , SX4 , and so on Regards, Priya
  7. the civic typeR is a sports car and the best , good discussion and good thrread Regards, Priya
  8. The Swift Vdi is will be the better buy and more value for money car , hearing a very good feedback from the Swift Diesel Owners, there are hardly any diesel getz sold in my city and there is no response to the dealer enquiring abt the Getz Diesel and i feel the Swift vdi will be a better choice Regards, Priya
  9. it will be a close competition between the SX4 and i10 Fingers Crossed Regards, Priya
  10. pryas

    Yeh Mera India

    This is how our Traffic conditions are , just have a gt a small video and i thought it would be good if i shared it with you guys , here is the Link Regards, Priya
  11. Awsome Pics Mndvishnu , you are really getting some good pics of oncoming cars , really a great work dear keep it up The Styling is fantastic and soo is everything , it will be a great success if priced around the Verna and the Optra Magnum Regards, Priya
  12. CEDIA will be the Best option for you , you will know the difference of Cedia from Ikon , the cedia is way Improved and better built have a test drive and check it right away Regards, Priya
  13. hmm , i think the Patients or regular visitor of a psyciary is telling us not be Anti Skoda , by the way dear we arent Anti SKoda or something , Let the Skoda improve its reliabilty , Problems , Spare parts at good price , good servicing and better interiors , then we would like it Regards, Priya
  14. Maybe if the Suspension is changed to a Better one this bumpy ride problem may get solved , and thats a Pretty much decent Fuel econnomy figures you are getting , but the newly launched i10 is giving better milage is what the users have told me Regards, Priya
  15. The rear shape is horrible , where as the front one might look good , hope it comes in the Dicor engine too , but Tatas should mind the reliabilty of thiers!! Regards, Priya
  16. Opendro - the new elantra is expected this may or june 08 , it might be coming with the same 1.5 VGT CRDI engine from the Verna and Getz , whereas Petrol engine might have more CC capacity and better power than Vernas 100 bhp Regards, Priya
  17. Hi there Akshay , warm welcome to this Forum , i am sure you will have great time and fun in here , also would Share your best ideas on railways , cars , bikes and Busses , YO!!! Regards, Priya
  18. One of my friend got his swift diesel delivered last week' date=' i.e. one month waiting time, in Bangalore. That is not bad at all even if we consider my friends willingness to take any color. Anyways, 2008 might see a lot of corrections in diesel engine prices and waiting period because of the increasing number of efficient diesel enginez. Hope illiterate beaurocrats don't ban diesel cars like they mooted in Delhi. They are not litterate enough to know that pollution is caused by an inefficient engine, which can be phased out by imposing emission norms. Sorry for the off track. [/quote'] thats geat news from the Maruti Suzki , which varaint in Siwft Diesel did he get in 1 month was it the LDi or the VDi?? There are plans of amruti to Shorten the wiaitng period futhermore Regards, priya
  19. No way Skoda can beat the Honda , The whole World is Crazy about the Honda!!! If you are a Skoda Fan , dont tell me the Whole World is Skoda fan , just have glimpse of Vib88 and other guy who has posted thier grievences on the SKODA LAURA , there are infact not only 2 but hundrerds of Bad reports For the OCti and Laura , when compared with a Few or Nill from the Honda Regards, Priya
  20. pryas

    Swift MOD job

    Great Modi reds , some guys here Make the car look worse with some stuppid and ugly modi while some better , and for your case , you have done it extreamly good and Congrats Regards, Priya
  21. Thats a good , honest call from the Hyundai , very good to hear that , it was like the NOKIA Fault Batteries Regards, Priya
  22. Hey J , Warm welcome to you and am sur you will be having great time here , also Share some snaps of your awsome Car Regards, Priya
  23. If he is looking for a Diesel the Verna Diesel will be Perfect choice , the FIesta has Reported many problems and dont think it will be a good buy , VErna Deisel is for you ( if Diesel ) Regards, Priya