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  1. The Verna will be a Better choice if you can Afford it , The power of Verna is much better in its segemnt Regards, priya
  2. That was a Superb one Gurkha Regards, Priya
  3. As said earlier you can try the i10 Magna or the Swift VXi , there is not point in going for 1.3 Getz GLS Regards, Priya
  4. ASTON MARTIN ......... ( i forgot ) Regards, Priya
  5. Fiat has good plans and big ideas in thier mind for Indians , good for us and good for them , well good info Anajn Regards, Priya
  6. The 1.1 is better buy and also Costs very much less than the 1.3 , the milage is very much the same around 12 in city and 15.5 in highway , If you dont mind why dont you go for the i10 Magna , its much better when compared with getz and the i10 gives better milage too Regards, Priya
  7. Great Pics once again mndvsh , but does the Indian Jazz come with the Vtec Engine ??? @ rssh , yes the interior feels Familiar but not by very much , it slightly looks like Swifts Regards, Priya
  8. Good Review , what was the aprox milage you were getting?? Regards, Priya
  9. ha ha you are right , the servicing of tata has never been good , Jaguar and Land ROver was soemwhat better than tata , but pity them they are soon gonna be taken over by Tatas Regards, Priya
  10. Gypsy will be a better buy and will come under your budget too regards, Priya
  11. pryas

    Logan Drivathon

    You are right my dads friend gets only 15 in his Logan Diesel in City and 19 in highway , but still this is not a well arranged marathon to me , the IOC marathon would have everything on its way and it will automatically give more than what it was conducted here in Mangalore regards, Priya
  12. But his attitude is faar better than yours , he he regards, Priya
  13. Lets Hope Mndvishnu posts some pics of the Engine of JAzz if possible , Fingers Crossed regards, Priya
  14. Piricng might be around the price of 5.- 6.5 lacs ex showroom price , which means it might be 1 - 1.5 lacs cheaper than the City , but i feel its best , it offers ample of space Plus HONDA BADGE, itz Huge as Fusion so i wont be surprised if the on road price of JAZZ in Karnataka around 6 .5 Lakhs Regards, priya
  15. pryas

    Skoda - Cheaters

    you are absolutely right gaurav , the Skodas has a very much to learn and hoping it comes with better technologies , styling and interior, the most shocking thing was for a 12 Lac Octavia base model there is no Alloys as standard and all varaints of Octavia is having Black colored Side mouldings and Bumper mouldings which still make it dirty regards, priya
  16. Looks Much bigger than Swift and getz i am sure this will be same as sedan with no extra boot Very Excelnt Pics Mndvish , truely Awsome , Bigg Cheers to you for your Useful time spared to post some dammn good pics Regards, Priya pryas2007-12-20 13:57:19
  17. Soo i think SX4 Zxi is the Best value for Money and this is the car for you , go for it Heard that City will be facelifted this mid 08 , so dont think you sould go for City now , Have Fun with Men Are BAck - SX4 regards Priya