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  1. Great Info Mndvish , and the Punto looks Cute , any more good pics of Punto??? Regards, priya
  2. If City is not included in your budget , that Zeros down to SX4 then , better buy regards, Priya
  3. pryas

    Logan Drivathon

    Yup , i think you are right MND , and the Original Marathon COnditions would have got still more btter milage for the Logan , but still i dont think 23 KMPL in diesel in City is capable but i do agree , thats what the news is on the Newspaper regards, Priya
  4. The Gear BOx of SPlash is pretty much similiar to that of i10 , soo now we know itts slightly bigger than WagonR and might be priced alongside of the i10 Regards, Priya
  5. Recently i have seen a Very very cool alloys in a white accord which has got Xenon Head lights , the Alloys where like After the Normal alloy another thing Which looks like a plate and Even though the Car was aprked the Extrernal Plate like thing alloy was Moving and its was really super coool , i couldnt take the pic as i dint have my cell phone at that time , and soo faar i dint get to see it for over a month , hope i see it again and hope i can snap its pic and share it with you Buddies Regards, Priya
  6. Abosluetely RIGHT its Eclipse Spyder Regards, Priya
  7. How can you say Sx4 Zxi is nt under his budget and iif so , then why would he Mention it in his given list , would go for SX4 anyday rather than the Aveo regards, Priya
  8. Use your common sense if he meant GXi for Zxi then how can it fall under the same price , anyways i feel the SX4 will be best suitable for him and his budget regards, priya
  9. Dont tell me that Aveo is better than SX4 and City , these both are great and incase his budget is fixed he has Sx4 in mind so why not Sx4 ZXi it offers better features and of course much better than the Aveo Regards, priya
  10. let me give a was his first advertisement......... it was for a 2 wheeler.any guesses? Yamaha or Hero
  11. Dont think getz comes under the Same category but i am sure my civic will qualify Usually fill our car with 91 Octane Extra Premium Petrol from Indian , in Mangalore i dont think we get above 93 Octane Fuel regards, priya
  12. Heres a Very Easy one ID : 022 regards, priya
  13. great Work Once again MND , the Exterior looks good , and so is the Engine and Space but not at all impressed with the boring dashbord and interiors , The Fabia seems Much bigger than the Getz and Palio and this might be Head on with the On coming Punto and Honda Jazz Regards, Priya
  14. Very Productive Information Mnd , Very cute pics of a Red Splash too , is there any possibilty of that DDIS engine in Splash in India??? The DDIS Badge is GIven Below the Side indicator unlike the Indian Swift D where DDis is given Above the Side Indicator , boot space seems to be bigger than WagonR , the Rear looks arent Very Impressive when looked at the SIde Angle iit looks as though its CHopped off at a ssingle Cut!! Regards, priya
  15. Yup Amazing one , just cannot resist from watching it , Mouth watering design , but i am Afraid the Price tag wont be Mouth watering Great Work Mndvsh Regards, Priya
  16. Yes always calulate your milage From FULL tank to Full Tank , Like Fill Full tank of your car today Note The KMs run in the Odo , Ex - 1500 kms , After 10 days when your tank reaches half or somewhere around it go to the Fuel Station Fill full tank , Say For example - 15 Litres , check your Odo , 1710 Kms , soo subtract it to 1500 kms - 210 Kms divieded by 15 litres = 14 KMPL , this how you can calcualte your Milage of your car regards, Priya
  17. pryas

    Logan Drivathon

    well, any drivathon, the drivers take special care on the driving style to reach max mileage, any drivathon so far has shown magical numbers like Getz reachin 34 kmpl. so these numbers do not have the attraction of a drivathon You are right , the MArathons are held to give maximum Milage , but dont know , not many marathons were handled by the Dealers in mangalore, maybe we should have 1 with Swift Diesel too , if any guys know the Marthon Milage of Swift Diesel , please post it Regards, priya
  18. The Video of Suzuki SPlash regards, Priya
  19. By searching for that Getz and its alloys and Taking its pic , HOPE YOU DONT BECOME LATE!!! regards, Priya