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  1. The Aveo from CHevy is not at all a great buy , The Honda City is of course a very good buy , the SX4 too is also a good buy , i would always advice you to wait for Swift Sedan regards, Priya pryas2007-12-19 01:55:16
  2. it is very difcult to find a very well maintained Scorpio on your budget , please sacrifice your ideas on Bolero , Just try to Extend your budget and make it a veryy good buy , please have a second thought regards, Priya
  3. It was a show on 2005 , anyways how are the snaps or the cars??? regards, priya
  4. the 3rd alloy was very good mndvishnu regards, Priya
  5. pryas

    Logan Drivathon

    It must have been the 1.4 ( not very sure though) regards, Priya
  6. Yup you are right , will the splash be a replacement to the WagonR or Placed between wagonR and Swift to tackle i10?? regards, Priya
  7. SANTRO - ??? regards, Priya
  8. The Offer for Fiesta this month is Free insurance plus whatever dealer gives And for Swift Diesel , or SX4 or i10 they dont have offers from the company but you can ask something from the Dealer regards, Priya
  9. The Mahindra Renault Dealer in Mangalore conducted a Logan Driveathon in which the Deisel got Maximum of 23. 1 Kmpl and Petrol got a MAximum of 20.8 Kmpl regards, Priya
  10. pryas


    IF this is true why dont you write it to autocar , where senior staffs will get in touch with you and help you live in peace with your PIECE car regards, Priya
  11. You are Correct I_See , brilliant regards, Priya
  12. Not 50k yaar , maybe around 5k - 10k , well i dint gt much for my Civic regards, Priya
  13. Swift Sedan will be a good choice and not FAbia , rssh says Skodas are useless and he says Wait for that Dumb Skoda to launch thier Fabia , The FIat Linea would cost More and priced around the Sx4 and City , soo no chance of waiting for it , Better wait for the Swift Sedan regards, Priya
  14. 3.5 is a decent rate , the True Values are always like that , niether the Seller enjoys thier Buying rate nor the Buyer Enjoys his buying price , Maybe you can ask some of your friends if they require your car ! Also you can start a new thread about your cars sale , intrested parties may conatct you and ask you the Details in this very forum itself Regards, Priya
  15. Yup , it must be comming with the LEDs too or else it is dammn expensive regards, priya
  16. He has said clearly that he is from Delhi and His budget might be around 3 - 5 lacs regards, Priya
  17. Thatz a bad and Sad stry but maybe some one who has more idea about the 2 wheelers will get n touch with you , hope some 2 wheeler expert sees your querry and replies in here , cheer up regards, prya
  18. he he , Always theres a problem with the tata , ooopz not A problem but many problems , and thiz is what thier cheap affordable car means!!! And its very much Frustrating to be an owner of these kinda cars , anyway try to be happy and cheeer up , Regards, Priya