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  1. Btw which company tyres did you get?? Regards, Priya
  2. The Chevrolet Optra Magnum Diesel Regards, Priya
  3. Sadly the Skodas are very high on maintenence , so no point in going for the Laura , i think the Hyundai Sonata Embera would be the better choice or else stick to the Toyota Innova Regards, Priya
  4. Hi gaurav , after around 30k kms run in your Santro XS , i feel better not to go for alloys , i think the 165/ 65 R 13 would be good Regards, Priya
  5. Recently my friend changed his tyres on his swift to bridgestone My other friend wants to know about the tyres on her Santro Xing XS . she wants to change and also upgrade slightly , would 165/65 R 13 will be good or 165 / 60 R 13 ? She also wants to know a decent brand , i recomended the Bridgestone , but its slightly priced above the good year and MRf of around 300 rs The point is Is bridgestone really worth for the 300 rs extra than the Good Year or Jk or MRF And between the 3 which one would be the best one , the MRF , Good Year or JK , also suggest some other good brands in the same price Regards, Priya
  6. Go for Music system Mudflaps G Sport Seat Covers Garware Tint Reversing sensors Parcel tray Center armrest Keyless entry Rear spoiler Wider tyres and Alloys Regards, priya
  7. pryas

    Members Meet

    This is a real good idea harry , probably the First good idea you have ever had , well i am not gonna make it , as i am realy busy with my studies and exams , well i feel studies and exams are primary and meeting is secondary Regards, Priya
  8. pryas

    Toyota Yaris

    Yup chances are there of toyota Introducing the Yaris sedan named as Vios , we got to wait , watch n see , whats toyota upto , Fingers Crossed Regards, Priya
  9. where the hell is KIMI ??? he is my all time fav , very sad to see his name not in the list after him i wuld prefer the Michael Schuami Regards, Priya
  10. Logan 1.4 petrols FE is around 11 in city and 15.5 in highways I would seriously advice you to wait for the new Swift Sedan Regards, priya
  11. The Innova any day anytime , the rest are no where near it , but sadly the Innova is 2 wheel drive , next would be the safari 4X4 2.2 Regards, Priya
  12. pryas

    Gas Guzzlers

    the cielo , Gypsy and Astra 1.8 Regards, Priya
  13. pryas

    New Car Launches

    well arent we here to discuss about the new car launches , why do we people deviate to which car to buy ?? Comming to the point New Accord Swift Sedan ( Dezire ) Fiat Palio Diesel Regards, priya
  14. Btw Manish what ahve you decided on , the Fabia , City Zx or the SX4 or The Verna , Please update Regards, priya
  15. I think you have got it te other way , The Peoples are committed to tata ( esp the Service station) , thats why tatas are committed to do the repairs all the time , if they would have brought out the End to last car , then i would say tatas have really improved and have commited to customer every bit Regards, priya
  16. A very good review RKNG , btw what Mnd pointed out is intersting , how come Location Japan?????? Regards, priya
  17. Hi Thard , get the Captiva , will work out better for you , or else you should wait for some months for the new Hyundai Santa fe Regards, Priya
  18. Yup dinitrol is the best anti rust coating , but most of them say that this antirust coating is reqired only in place like Mangalore , mumbai and so on where its close to the Sea or ocean and where there is humidity Regards, priya
  19. Hey Ashwath , as a true auto freak i am sure you will be having a great time here , welcome dear Regards, Priya
  20. the reason for maruti 800 to sell in low numbers is that of the launch of the alto , so many who wants to buy 800 spends a lil more for the alto , Plus it has got power steering on the LXi Variant Got to wait and watch how it will fare after the launch of Nano Regards, Priya
  21. The Maruti all way along Regards, priya
  22. hey this looks cool anajn , thanks and great work dear Regards, Priya
  23. pryas

    Toyota Yaris

    well this yaris isnt bad at all , and tell you what will give fabia a good fight and i liked this yaris better than the Jazz , looks small and cute and toyota is as good as honda Regards, priya
  24. Yup Mndvish is right, the hyundai Tuscon is dammn better than the Captiva and Ford Endy , its priced right and i think you shud get the hyundai tuscon rather than to wait for the upcoming models of captiva , the hyundais diesel engine is better too and will be a better buy Regards, Priya