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  1. i would take the city Vtec , more advanced in techinology , good reliability , Good fuel economy backed with HONDA badge SX4 too is good , but i like the Vtec more Regards, priya
  2. Good one anjan , look cute , how much would this cost here in india around the price of Alto?? Regards, priya
  3. Is it Oldsmobile?? Regards, Priya
  4. Go for white Swift Regards, Priya
  5. well recently i saw that Skoda Octavia is Facelifted , and its nothing but the LAURA called as Octi in intl markets and its sad that Laura isnt introduced at the Octis price and they still sell them Regards, priya
  6. pryas

    Toyota Yaris

    Well i never heard this cute little car bieng a flop or failure in US , and it still sells good , but as the demand in US is for bigger car and the Yaris sedan sells very well and so in the corolla Regards, priya
  7. Though i10 looks good , he wants a bigger spacious car and i10 wouldnt help in this aspect and so is the swift If space is more concerned then SX4 should be a better choice or else the Fusion or Fabia , but Fabias engine isnt good , and i personally feel you shud go in for SX4 Regards, priya
  8. Captiva is a good buy , the pajero looks dated but performs well Are there any chances of Honda launching Diesel CRV soon ?? and if so then you should wait for it Regards, Priya
  9. Mndvishnu , please go in for the 185/70 14 Tubeless from the BRIDGESTONE , will be better than the good year or the JK Regards, priya
  10. hmm , i think his budget is around 4 -5 lakhs and not 1 - 2 lakhs , and nano wuldnot be a great idea , the i10 or wagonr will be a good idea ,for a slighlty higher budget you shud go for Fusion or the SX4 Regards, Priya
  11. i think you should try the 185/70 the one tyre that comes in the ZXi , i think bridgestone or yokohoma would be good , but V rated seems mouthwatering , i dont know wether 195/60 14 would fit in your rims , it would be better if some other forum members gives u a suggestion , also FRG Regards, Priya
  12. I liked the DC ( the one which looked like MINI ) and also the Honda FCX and Lambo at the autocar stall I liked the AMW & Vovlo in trucks section regards, priya
  13. Could somebody name all the cars present at the Auto expo regards priya
  14. I feel rishi rich is right , and he is not the only one to feel like this Regards, priya
  15. Think its a good move Regards, Priya
  16. pryas

    Chevy Captiva

    Now thats costly , i hoped the price to be around CRV and endy Regards, priya
  17. why not we also consider a good used cars like Palio , petra or corsa for 1.7 lakhs which is around 4 yrs old Regards, priya
  18. Good news and info from you Brosreview , keep up the good work , thanks Regards, priya
  19. yup the Swift VDi will just work out good for you , and its Good tht you sell off your Viva and get this amazing Swift Diesel Regards, priya
  20. pryas

    Swift Facelifted

    mndvishnu s right, the new swift isnt coming to India this year , but this new color is good , the marrooon regards, priya
  21. @roomy , Gurkha dint talk about 5 months , he was talking about skoda after 5 yrs Regards, priya
  22. Santa Fe will be more costlier than the Elantra , so i think its priced arun d10 -12 lakhs Regards, Priya
  23. I dint get you , what do you mean by this , same applies to rssh , it loks good actually , and i dint get you both regards, priya
  24. but atleast it looks SUPERB!!!! Regards, Priya
  25. looks good but the presnt one is better i guess regards, priya