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  1. Hey everyone as my relatives and cousins are in US i heard that.............. Honda Civic is Available for around 18 US$ after comnverting it will be around..........18000 X 40 Rs = 7.20 Lacs but in India Civic Base Version costs around 12.5 lacs On ROAD. Means around rs 5 lacs more. Lets take another example ........... TOYOTA CAMRY............ Its Price is around 25K US$ convert it. means 25000X40 = 10 lacs if i am not mistaken.......... and we pay around 23- 25 Lacs for TOYOTA CAMRY in INDIA. now isnt that too much???????????????????? around 14 lacs more. Ok guys wont bugg you with more Mathematics............... but simliarly you can compare with cars price to that of INDIAN. I hope my topic was not BORING
  2. Usually we have refill at the Shell Petrol Pump or the Relaince. but i have no idea about thier OCTANES. i think it is 91. pryas2007-10-23 21:03:43
  3. Good that we have one More Car Lover in this Blog . Great Welcome to you.
  4. FEMALE. coz i am one and i think its females who drive nicely and safely but for high speed Males are better.
  5. They both are SUPER CARS!!!
  6. i agree with Sumit you seen a larger turnover in a couple of years. VROOOM!!!
  7. yes it may be the best small car but still the front portion one canot see and the center instrument cluster is not a great idea Plus at this price i dont think its Worth. But when there was around 40 - 50 K it was really worth. hmm anyways Our buyer can look forward to the Hyundai i10.
  8. hey the carrier on the Top looks very UGLY. Instead of that one can go for SEDAN
  9. Anything else???? But please give some Easier ones.
  10. Hey Rssh i think you have either done a Type mistake or did not see what car magazine properly All car like SANTRO , WagonR spark and Estilo got 4/5 ( corect me if wrong)
  11. Hey as Huge offers are closed for the Spark i think WAGONR DUO will be good car overall. WagonR- Good Overall car but poor rear Seat comfort. Santro - Again good overall but need a serious Change over(facelift) Spark- good Again but for this car the Price is high. WagonR- same as WagonR but ...... Running cost will be cut down by 1/3 means it will be better to buy this if you do above 1200 KMS
  12. Hello have you seen CIVICs Gearshift????. CIVIC's Gearshift is far better when compared with GETZ..dont be ridiculous.
  13. HONDA CIVIC - 70 KMPH OPEL CORSA - 60KMPH i never drove faster than this. you people are great. i am an amateur Girl.
  14. All the Variants of Swift are coming with R14 tyres. only the ZXi is broad and VXi and LXi is bit narrow.
  15. WOW its great news that ALFA is coming to INDIA. the PRICING will be Key factor. whom will it competete the TEANA , Pasat and Superb or BMW 3's and Merc. who will be the Dealer their own Franchise or any tie up Has anyone got any Pics of this Hot car ???? Please dont hesitate to share.
  16. I agree with Jitz. the interior is best in class. i think if the performance , fuel Efficiency , good gear shift followed by some other goodies can make it win the Competetion with ease any body got exterior pics of this car without cover.
  17. i think he is saying may be the Facelift Elantra. or perhaps may be the i10 itself who knows
  18. The plastics Used in SX4 is not that good. i hope Maruti gets qaulity plastics for its upcoming models and also a 1.3 Multijet SX4 Diesel with improved performance. what do you people say???
  19. Hurry man go for the Spark which is Going is Damn discounts of around 40 -50 k rs. hurry Offer valid till 21 OCT. spark will make a good buy at this PRICE TAG.
  20. BOy!!!! this is Awesome!!! keep up the good work BAWA!!!
  21. Well by considering all your aspects i would recomnd you to go in for SWIFT LXI petrol.
  22. Hi Welcome to this FORUM
  23. pryas

    Which Brand?

    Current Car : HONDA CIVIC 1.8 S MT. Color - Icy BLUE. The Performance , The Digital Speedo and everything present in the Interior is just too good. The ground clearence still remains an issue I like the alloys as well as rear design but..... Honda should have Introduced the intergrated spoiler Which is present in the New ACCORD. mileage - In City around 8-9 with AC and in highways around 13.( APROX) But Overall i just cant stop admiring this PIECE.